Reminder: Joe Biggs was Also Working with the Feds

Remember Joe Biggs?

He worked for Alex Jones.

He was then working with the feds to inform on the Proud Boys.

CNN, March 30, 2021:

Joseph Biggs, a Proud Boys leader who is charged with conspiracy related to the January 6 insurrection, claims the FBI had checked in on him several times in recent years, according to a new defense filing arguing that Biggs’ contact with law enforcement shows he’s not a threat to the public and should stay out of jail pending trial.

In the filing, Biggs reveals that he regularly spoke to local and federal law enforcement about protests he knew of or was planning beginning in 2018.

“By late 2018, Biggs also started to get ‘cautionary’ phone calls from FBI agents located in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach inquiring about what Biggs meant by something politically or culturally provocative he had said on the air or on social media concerning a national issue, political parties, the Proud Boys, Antifa or other groups,” his defense lawyer wrote.

The disclosure in a late Monday night court filing adds to a growing known history of the Proud Boys’ encounters with law enforcement prior to January 6. Previously, another leader in the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, had been an FBI informant, and others in the group had been approached in a federal investigation in 2019 tied to Roger Stone.

The Justice Department and FBI have not yet addressed Biggs’ assertions in court and did not respond Tuesday to requests from CNN seeking comment.

Biggs claims the FBI last summer was interested in his knowledge of the left-wing group Antifa. At the time of the meeting last year, the Proud Boys and leftists were clashing as civil rights protests happened around the country. Biggs was also becoming known for extreme rhetoric about Antifa members, the black-clad left-wingers who sometimes crash far-right events, leading to violent clashes.

“They wanted to know what Biggs was ‘seeing on the ground,’” Biggs’ defense team wrote about a meeting at a restaurant he had with FBI agents in 2020.

Biggs’ legal team said he reached back out to the FBI agent he knew this January, to turn himself in after the insurrection.

Prosecutors had argued Biggs remains a danger “not only based on his own potential violence, but violence by others who undoubtedly still support him,” another recent court filing said. He is accused of working with other Proud Boys to plot out January 6, and leading a group toward the Capitol building, where he allegedly ripped past a metal barrier during the melee.

This is the standard model for FBI infiltration – they come to you and say “oh, we’re just trying to help you out, we just want to be friends…!”

Slow, stupid people believe that, and then get roped into a fed agenda.

You people called me “paranoid” for pointing out that the entire Alt-Right and the post-Alt-Right MAGA movement were totally controlled by the feds.

We’ve learned now that the leader of the Proud Boys as well as the leader of the Oath Keepers were working for the FBI.

So, of course the Capitol Storm was organized by the feds. Virtually everything that happened in the right wing since 2015 has been an intelligence operation.

I’ve been telling you people this for a long, long time.

I am being vindicated.

And let me tell you – the vindication is just beginning.

More people than I even said were involved with the feds are being shown to be involved with the feds.

From the beginning, all of this stuff has been poisoned.

There is no way to be too paranoid.