Remembering Pat Mahaney

Modern Heretic
June 20, 2015


We live in a world of short memories, of the temporary “useful crisis” that is exploited for as much communist gain as possible and then sent down the memory hole. When even the “narratives” have no staying power it’s not surprising that less “useful” and more typical incidents often never see the light of day at all, being quickly buried lest anyone start asking uncomfortable questions. This is always the case with negro attacks on Whites, attacks that have become commonplace. If it can’t be completely ignored, we get the usual rundown of style handbook cliches: wrong place at the wrong time, random attack, [insert whatever preceded the attack] gone wrong, good boys turning their lives around and all the rest.

One of the reasons I created this site was to take these stories and give them the attention they deserve. Every White person should know the name Pat Mahaney.

There was nothing exceptional or unusual about this man. An ordinary working White man full of basic goodness, trying to survive in a dead nation. If you had asked me when I was a child what an American looked like, what an American behaved like, I would have drawn you a picture of Mr. Mahaney. Men like this used to make up this country, back when it was alive and sane, before the disastrous jewish century.

He didn’t dream of hundreds of gentile slaves, he didn’t expect hand-outs or appeasement because of crimes committed against his long-dead ancestors by other long-dead people, he didn’t expect gifts and rewards for breaking the law. He worked in a factory, but lost his job so a few rich bastards could become slightly richer. He was looking for work. He ran into a pack of negroes.


If Pat Mahaney represented the America that was murdered by cultural marxism his attackers represented our dead nation’s bleak future, a future of violent animals in an endless all against all. The “teens” were bored and decided the solution to this lack of stimulation was brutally beating a White man. It was bad, but it was no hate crime, we were assured by a careerist police chief. The brown animals continued to beat their victim after he had lost conscious. Imagine the kind of evil monster, a savage completely lacking a mind or soul, that would engage in this. They only stopped when a neighbor “snitched” to the police.

He had no health coverage. No Obama card, none of that free treatment enjoyed by illegal aliens. For a year he wasted away. Then he died. There were no presidential speeches, no simulated tears from a communist mulatto, no call for new laws or changes in the way things are, nothing. As far as the criminals in our government were concerned his life didn’t matter.

It matters to me.

At least the negro scum was punished, right? After all, we have a “races” justice system that is throwing innocent “African Americans” into prison at the slightest excuse. As it turned out, the sentencing was a sick joke. A book report is the punishment for the senseless and horrific murder of a White man. I know it’s overdone, but imagine if the races were reversed, if bored and no doubt “races” Whites had beaten a negro to death and then been told to do a report on “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” We’d never hear the end of the wailing. In the case of Pat Mahaney the silence was deafening, the silence of the grave.

Forgotten crimes that this happen nearly every day in the U.S.S.A. The answer is not fewer rights or more tyranny. The answer is the removal of the negro. The answer is a White Nation.