Remember to Support Brave Browser

I was just on the reddit for Brave browser, and came across this post.

Brave is one of the only companies with Christian leadership, and they choose to stay out of politics completely. We should all be thankful for Brave, and remember to support and promote them.

Virtually every single corporation, big or small, is out there actively promoting communist revolution.

Brave goes a step beyond simply not aggressively promoting revolution – their advertising policy currently bans political ads.

Brave is a Chrome-based privacy and ad-free browser created by Brendan Eich, following his departure from Mozilla. Eich is one of the most accomplished living programmers. He invented JavaScript. He was basically working for Mozilla as charity because he believed in the project, which was ostensibly devoted to an open internet.

Only they were not so open. All the way back in 2014, Eich became one of the first victims of what would become known as “cancel culture.” He was forced out of the company that he effectively built singlehandedly because he donated a trivial amount of money to an organization defending traditional marriage.

That amounts to being fired for being a Christian. One cannot be a Christian and support homosexuality, and Christians are commanded to promote what is good and righteous, and to give money to Christian causes. Eich getting fired was one of those things that should have been taken much more seriously, as it was obviously a sign of things to come.

It was both cruel and stupid for Mozilla to force this man out, but God can use the evil actions of evil people to make good things happen.

Eich started Brave immediately after leaving Mozilla, and Firefox, the company’s browser, began a rapid downhill drop.

Firefox currently is almost completely unusable, while Brave is by far the best web browser that has ever existed. Brave is privacy-oriented and it blocks ads by default. It also allows you to bypass paywalls on news sites by blocking JavaScript. The biggest reason to use it for most people is going to be that it is so fast and it just works right. Firefox increasingly loads pages incorrectly and it is slow.

The best part for me is the way that Brave has integrated cryptocurrency and Tor. It’s truly a forward-thinking program in a time when regressiveness is the name of the game in corporate culture.

Brave has its own ad system. It blocks all ads on the internet, then gives you the option of turning on Brave ads, and getting paid in cryptocurrency for viewing them. Their crypto is an Ethereum token called the “Basic Attention Token” (BAT). You can use it to support the Daily Stormer, which is something you should do. (Read more about BAT on the Brave site.)

Full Tor support is included by default in the browser – with one click, you can open a tor circuit and view Daily Stormer and other banned material on the dark web.

Realistically, it’s inevitable that at some point in the future, internet service providers are going to ban, and the only way for many people to access the site will be through Tor. It is best that you just start using Tor now, in preparation for that eventuality. You will also be sure your traffic is private.

This is the Daily Stormer Tor address:


If you haven’t done it yet, download Brave and try it out.

Brave is the single success story of right-wing alternative technology. There have been so many serious failures. Brave should be a model for the way the free internet functions moving forward.

You should use Brave, you should use their services, and you should promote it to other people.

Earlier this year, The Verge, a sickening Marxist propaganda site that masquerades as a tech trade publication, published an article entitled “THE BROWSER WARS ARE BACK, BUT IT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME” wherein they shilled the new Microsoft Chrome browser and contrasted it with Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Brave was not mentioned, save for a throwaway line about what they apparently consider to be “also-rans.”

Here’s the line:

Anyway, here’s how to download Microsoft’s new Edge browser. You should do it. And install Firefox. And maybe Brave and Vivaldi and whatever else.

I had never even heard of Vivaldi.

Again: Brave is objectively the best browser. It’s not a matter of opinion. No one who uses it is ever going to go back to Chrome or whatever else – friggin’ M$ Edge. (The only other browser that would matter at all would be Safari – given that it is fully integrated into iOS and MacOS, it at least serves a role.)

The Verge promotes these dumb, lesser browsers for totally political reasons, and probably because they get paid to shill things. Also, the adblocking is something that every commercial website is opposed to.

Honestly, I rarely see Brave promoted, and regularly meet people in real life who are still using Chrome or Firefox and have never heard of Brave. So, remember to promote it every chance you get. We need to support people who support an open and free internet, we need to support crypto and Tor, we need to support blocking tracking and spying and dumb advertisements, and we need to support our fellow Christians.

Furthermore, we need to support cool logos and fonts.

If you have boomers in your life, they will thank you for installing this on their computer for them.

Also, remember that there is a phone version of the browser. All phone browsers are about the same, honestly, but Brave is the only one you can get in the iPhone App Store that blocks ads. Furthermore, you can run Brave ads on your phone and make crypto for all of the time you spend reading news and forums and crap on your phone. All the ad does is appear over the top of the URL bar for a few seconds every few minutes, and you get paid.

If for some reason you haven’t already, download Brave here.