Remember the Jew Babies You Drowned in Buckets, Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2019

Buckets, goyim.

Right in front of their mothers.

This is real history.

Most pregnant women at Auschwitz were simply sent to the gas chambers. Women who found out they were pregnant at the camp were sometimes given abortions by Gisella Perl, a doctor who helped prevent hundreds of women from giving birth. Often, when women were discovered to be pregnant they were summarily executed.

Others were sent to a hospital barracks to wait out the rest of their pregnancy in squalid conditions. “Sister Klara,” a midwife who had been sent to the camp for murdering a child, oversaw the barracks with a woman named “Sister Pfani.” They were in charge of declaring babies born in the ward stillborn, then drowning them in buckets, often in front of the mothers who had just given birth. Sister Klara’s role did not include assisting with deliveries.

They sent a special agent there for the exclusive purpose of drowning babies in buckets! Sister Klara!

This is totally REAL.

Asking for evidence of babies being drowned in buckets is Holocaust denial, and you can go to prison for that. So don’t ask for evidence.

Just accept that you did this thing of pure evil.

And then stop asking why it is your son’s penis has to be chopped off.

You should be lucky they’re only cutting his penis off.

Luckier than the innocent Jew babies who were drown in buckets by Hitler.