Remember That Thing John Travolta Said About Who Controls Hollywood?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2017

I think there is a very real chance that following these Harvey Weinstein revelations, a dam could burst.

We could be looking straight at the monsters who created this evil that is the Hollywood entertainment industry.

And by “we” I don’t mean those of us at the Daily Stormer who are already looking at them.

By “we” I mean all of us. All of our people.

Right now, we have:

  1. Hollywood is controlled by sick perverts who purposefully spread filth to erode the fabric of our society
  2. Do these sick perverts have something in common?
  3. If so, what is it?

We are inches away.

And I have a feeling in my spine that our good friend in the oval office might casually drop something which could lead in the direction of an answer to parts two and three of the above current state of mass understanding.

When this mask is pulled off, the goyim are not going to be happy.

In fact, I believe they are going to be very, very angry.

Remember: our people have gotten angry about this before.

Really angry.

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