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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2019

Drive home the winning ticket and smash the jackpot button at the Daily Stormer!

The site was down for a while yesterday, as I’m sure the loyal reader is aware.

When that happens in the future, you can always use the Tor version of the site:


That can now be accessed using Brave Browser, without downloading anything special. Seriously, it’s like magic. You can just use that link normally. Many people are, which is why everyone is always asking about our Alexa rank being lower than it was before the Great Shutdown.

To be honest, yesterday’s downtime was not due to anything we did or could have done differently, but was entirely due to factors outside of our control.

Thus, no amount of donations could have prevented it.

However, there are kinds of downtime which could be prevented through donations, so you should remember to donate.


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I do not ask nearly enough, and we run at a deficit every month.

So come on, man.

Give us some money.


You read this site every day, just give us like, $5 or something. Or instead, perhaps give us much, much more than that. Give something. We’ve got money problems.

It’s amazing that Jewish groups can raise these insane amounts of money to fight anti-Semitism, while I’m here trying to fight Semitism with 10,000 times their audience and no money.

Give us some money.

You know we will use it.