Relitigating Every Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theory as a Way to Purge the Entire Government

The Biden Administration is now in the process of going through and relitigating every single conspiracy theory that the left manufactured against Donald Trump during his tenure as President of the United States.

Every element of the government is involved in this process, and it appears to largely be related to a different agenda: that of rooting out those who may not be loyal to the regime.

Again: we are in a Bolshevik situation, and we are going to witness everything that goes with that.

I present two quick items, which are representative of the larger whole of this agenda.

The Army is now re-investigating General Flynn, attempting to find some wrongdoing by him that was not found in the previous endless investigations into him.

What this “review” will almost certainly involve is digging up information on whomever in the military who seemed to have sympathies for Flynn. They will then be targeted for removal.

In our second item, the Democrats are calling on the Justice Department to investigate the FBI’s investigation of Brett Kavanaugh.

This would similarly serve as a platform for the regime to go through the ranks of the FBI, and find anyone who they believe might not have been significantly opposed to the Bad Orange Man’s SCOTUS nominee, and remove them from power.

This is a lot easier than direct loyalty tests. You will see direct loyalty tests, but these sorts of fishing expedition investigations, followed by quietly firing or demoting people, are likely going to be the key tool in the purging tool box.

You will start to see more of these internal investigations, and investigations of previous investigations, throughout the government. What you are witnessing is a full purge. They are going to make sure that no one who has any sympathies with anything other than the Democrat Party has any power at all in the government bureaucracy. Military and law enforcement are going to become totally politicized, and you’re going to see things like the Pentagon declaring war on talk show hosts who make fun of the idea that pregnant women should be flying bomber jets.

The implications for what this means for normal people are relatively obvious.

It’s unlikely that we’re going to see any Josef Stalin type figure rising up out of this mess to right the ship. We’re just going to have to wait until the system eats itself.