REKT: Black Lives Matter Endorses Palestine! Baby-Killer Joe in a Pickle!

roflmao. Love this meme.

As is something you would think should probably happen, Black Lives Matter has endorsed Palestine against Israel.

In terms of the group’s backers, which are largely (or almost entirely) Jewish, I don’t think this is something they wanted to do. But they end up just looking absurd to not say they’re against outright slaughtering brown people after they made that huge thing out of George Floyd dying of a fentanyl overdose while being arrested for yet another felony.

But there it is: it’s out there. Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity against the baby-killing Jews.

So what is going on with Baby-Killer Joe then?

He’s still up there defending the Jews!

He just threatened to run over a journalist with his truck if the journalist didn’t stop asking him about his baby killing agenda!

BLM demanded that the government let criminals out on the streets. They demanded an end to cash bail. They demanded removal of the police. All of these demands are being met, without any form of negotiation.

But when it comes to the US taxpayer sending billions of dollars to a foreign country that slaughters children, something which does not benefit our country in any way whatsoever?

Sorry, blackie.

You’re out of luck.

Time to check your goy privilege, coonskin.

Six million died in fake shower rooms.

This is really going to cause some black people to think.

No, I’m just joking.

Black people only think about rape, murder and smoking crack.

But, yeah: some sort of total fallout of the cohesiveness of the Democrat Party would be a good thing for everyone.

Too bad AOC is so bought and paid for.