“Reign of Terror”: Crime in US Capital

The New Observer
November 12, 2015

America’s majority nonwhite capital city is staggering under an unprecedented crime wave, forcing the Washington Post to describe it as a “reign of terror.”

An analysis of figures released by the Washington DC police department has shown that this year’s monthly homicide rate in the majority nonwhite capital of America has more than doubled from the 2011 to 2014 average.

The chart below shows the monthly homicide rate from January 2011 to July 2015 (the last month in 2015 for which a full month of data is available).

Nearly 80 percent of this year’s increase in murder rate occurred in three neighborhoods: Woodland/Fort Stanton, Garfield Heights, Knox Hill; and Douglass, Shipley Terrace.

The official racial demographics of these neighborhoods helps to explain this phenomenon:

Woodland/Fort Stanton, Garfield Heights, Knox Hill: 98 percent “black non-Hispanic” (2010 census).

Douglas, Shipley Terrace: 98 percent “black non-Hispanic” (2010 census).

This nonwhite crime wave has spilled over into the few neighborhoods of Washington that still have significant white minorities, such as Shaw, Logan Circle, as those areas have wealthier victims. This is reflected in the larger number of robberies (as opposed to murders) in these neighborhoods.

The Washington Post recently ran a report on the increased robberies in the nation’s capital, (“Surge in robberies on Capitol Hill alters residents’ routines, lifestyles” November 10, 2015), admitting that the severity of the increase had “scared” residents of neighborhoods stretching out “from the US Capitol, spilling into Hill East and the Navy Yard neighborhood and up to the H Street corridor. Attackers have stolen not only cellphones and money, but also a sense of security.”


The Washington Post went on to detail the lifestyle changes that the crime wave has forced white residents to adopt: parents have started picking up children at the Metro station so they don’t have to walk home, some have started driving to grocery stores instead of walking to ones closer by, and there is talk, the paper said, on a “neighborhood e-mail group of buying guns for protection.”

The Washington Post added:

Similar chatter echoes over Capitol Hill—in community meetings with police, in coffee houses with members of the DC Council, in newsletters that have dubbed the robbery surge a “reign of terror.” They are stories of fear, of anger, and of daily lives upended.

It goes without saying that the Washington Post—and all of the other controlled media outlets—refused to even mention the most obvious factor in the crime wave: the fact that the criminals are all nonwhite.

This is apparent from the “most wanted” lists of the DC Police, the DC Department of Corrections, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for Washington DC, and the FBI most wanted list for the city.

The DC police even have their own YouTube channel where they put up videos of their most wanted suspects. Perusals of the videos posted there show the nonwhite nature of the crime wave.

The Department of Corrections “most wanted” list of escapees provides a predictable insight into the racial makeup of that city’s only jail:


The DEA’s “most wanted” list for Washington DC tells exactly the same story:


As does the FBI’s “most wanted” list for the capital city of America.


According to the 2014 US Census Bureau estimates, whites compromise 35 percent of Washington DC’s population. In 1940, roughly 71 percent of residents were white and 28 percent were black. Within thirty years, these numbers had flipped: 71 percent of residents were black and 28 percent were white.

The slight increase in “white” numbers—according to the US Census—is because of their notorious racial misclassifications which count large numbers of Hispanics as “white.” This can be seen, for example, in dramatic manner by studying the racial classifications of the FBI’s “most wanted” list, linked above. The “rise” in the white population in DC is therefore linked to the increase in the Hispanic population, as anyone who visits the city will testify.