Regular State Police are Just Spying on All Your Social Media and Messaging Apps Now

I love this meme because it literally applies to everything I write about.

Basically, the whole spying apparatus that was set up post-911 is now being activated and used by law enforcement against the population.

When they set it up, and then leaked that it was set up (or Edward Snowden and Julian Assange just figured out how to leak it – I tend to think the government wanted it to leak), the context was that none of it could be used in court or by normal law enforcement anyway, so it just didn’t really matter.

Now, they’ve altered the deal.

Lots of deal-altering going on these days.


A number of US law enforcement agencies are reportedly using a shadowy AI surveillance program that trawls social media accounts, dating apps, online shopping wishlists and even Pornhub pages to help identify persons of interest.

The tool, known as SocialNet, maps out the networks of these individuals by harvesting data from over 120 different platforms, including Facebook and Instagram posts, Reddit, Tinder, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, Paypal Amazon accounts and even the dark web, according to The Intercept.

The investigative news outlet has obtained documents showing how Michigan state police are leasing the software, developed by Wyoming-based cyber-intelligence firm ShadowDragon. In addition, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has reportedly twice purchased a license for the program since 2019, while several Massachusetts police departments have also acquired it.

Neither ShadowDragon nor the Michigan government website provide details about which precincts are using SocialNet. The state purchased the software through another online policing company called Kaseware for a contract for an “MSP Enterprise Criminal Intelligence System.”

According to an unredacted copy of this contract, which is apparently not publicly available due to its “sensitive nature”, the software was leased in January 2020 at a cost of nearly $3.3 million and runs until January 2025 with a renewal option for up to five additional years.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts State Police paid $147,870 to use SocialNet for the three-year period from March 2021 to March 2024, according to an invoice obtained by NBC. Earlier this year, the network’s Boston affiliate had reported that funding had come from the federal government’s ‘Project Safe Neighborhoods’ program to combat violent crime.

According to information available on the state’s official website, the federal program targets six communities in the state – Boston, Lawrence, Brockton, Worcester, New Bedford and Springfield. Citing emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request, NBC reported that “many police teams” had sought “social media analytics software” to tackle gang activity across the state.

Michigan police also reportedly purchased another ShadowDragon program called OIMonitor that sends out alerts in response to data gathered by SocialNet. On its product page, the company claims this tool can conduct “chat protocol monitoring” of apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

If you’re wondering “how is this legal?” then you haven’t really figured out what is going on yet.

We are no longer living in a system based on laws. There are some remnants of laws, because we are still in the transitionary stage. But the remaining trappings of a laws-based order are disappearing, and we are going into total lawlessness.

That is what “tyranny” is. It is lawlessness. In an ordered system, going all the way back to tribal systems, people were considered to have rights, and there were protocols through which authorities were forced to respect those rights.

We’re looking at something that could best be compared to some kind of ancient Babylonian slave system, probably. But it’s much more extreme.

“The Database” is going to be the god figure that is the source of all authority, and it will be above all reproach. Everyone will be a slave to “The Database.”

(How can I go from the epic LOTR memes I made this morning to these garbage memes? These are not even funny. And no, I’m not fishing for a compliment, I’m just letting you know that I’m aware these are not funny. However, they are accurate.) 

And even the Babylonians eventually had to implement a code of treatment of the slaves.

Furthermore, these people have total power, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. The only thing you can do is stay out of their way until this whole thing inevitably falls apart, because it is too based on lies to be sustainable.

Look at the Afghanistan thing: these people were victims of their own lies. That is going to happen more and more, until the whole thing just topples.

It also doesn’t help that they are forcing out all competent people and replacing them with obedient brown morons and women.