Register NOW for the IRL Troll Army AKA the Stormer Book Club

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2016

hitler's triumphant tour of paris, 1940 (1)

Time is short, brothers. We need to roll out.

The time is now to begin forming groups to prepare for the coming race war. And to just have a good time and form relationships with other redpilled bros. I have opened a special board in the forum for local real life meetups.

What I envision is more than simple meetings, but something where people can form real friendships with others who are in the know and share a desire to strengthen themselves and crush the enemy.

You will form cells, build bonds, develop brotherhood. You will become stronger, better men.

It’s a bit like Fight Club. Although in real life, you can’t actually get in fights like they do in fight club every week, because you would be in the hospital non-stop and get brain damage.

So we are doing book club. The cells will be called “Stormer Book Clubs” (SBCs).

These groups are for men, mainly young men. Old guys should be welcome, for sure, but the concept is mainly designed for millenials.

Women are not welcome. These are boys only clubs, not singles meet-ups. You will hunt and capture your own women as part of the SBC’s operations.

This is also international, though I suspect the most active groups will be in the US, Canada, UK and Oz. Because those are the English speaking countries from whence most of our traffic cometh. But euro bros should go on the forum and see if they can find anyone.

Official Operations

Though everyone is going to start with a simple meet-up at a coffee shop or something, long-term operations will involve:

Firearms Training

sam hyde did it

Not sure how this works in various countries which are not America, but in America you can go to any firing range and rent guns if you don’t own them. You can also go to people’s farms or whatever with your own guns.

It’s probable that someone in your group will have fire arms training and can help you. If not, you just go to a range and pay them to help you. It isn’t expensive. But this is a good role for older guys who may not be into MMA or picking up girls to play in the SBCs.

The Gym


Physical fitness is of the most extreme importance. As such, you can go to the gym together.

It’s also a strong masculine bonding activity, going to the gym. Presumably, someone in your group will have gym experience, but I will post some recommended beginner routines in the near future.

This should include both standard bodybuilding as well as martial arts. Sometimes these things are at the same gym, though usually not. Hopefully, if you live in the same city, you’ll be able to just meet up several times a week and go to the gym together.

Political Activism and Other Missions


Clubs will organize for protests, demonstrations and so on.

For bigger operations, cells will coordinate together. Some of this will be main page stuff, other things your cells may organize on their own. Take pictures, get on the front page.

As the project progresses, we’ll have a system of events calendars. For instance, there are still ancient “holocaust survivors” going on speaking tours. We can send people to show up and ask them questions at every location and effectively shut down the industry. Because hey – they aren’t going to answer any of our questions!

Brave cells may also counter protest Black Lives Matter.

I am also envisioning a system wherein I put out challenges to the various SBCs, and there will be an element of competition between the groups in various cities to see who can complete the challenges most efficiently. The possibilities here are endless, though it’s a ways down the road.



This is about human beings, which are – despite whatever anyone told you – the only thing which is actually real. So, you should have a good time, chilling and having fun. Going out for beers, playing ping-pong or X-Box or whatever.

Meeting Girls


As I have said many times, I believe the concept of meeting girls who share your beliefs is idiotic, based mainly on Jewish romantic comedy films. You should instead look for normal girls, with whom you will joke around with and not talk about nazism.

Some of you already have girlfriends, but many do not, and for those that don’t, the groups will provide an opportunity to find one.

The best way to meet women is to approach them in public places during the day time. And this is a lot easier to do with other guys – both for confidence reasons, and because the girls are more into it. You being part of a group marks you as higher value to a girl, instinctively. She recognizes that if she is with you, it won’t just be you protecting her, but your whole crew.

I will at some point in the near future release a guide with further advice on this issue, in case no one in your group knows the drill. In my experience, about ten percent of guys know how to cold approach women on the street and start talking to them. So there is a good chance you’ll have one in your group who can teach you.

The basic concept is you stop a girl with some sort of inquiry which requires them to engage you and then start with the jokey-jokey.


The crucial thing to remember is to never engage them in any discussion of anything even remotely serious. Certainly not Nazism or anything in any way political. But as I say, once these groups get going, I’ll write something elaborating on this.

It’s important that men have women around. So this is an integral part of our masculinity-building book clubs.

Reading Books


There will also be books involved, hence the name “book clubs.” But if you don’t much like reading, don’t worry – you won’t be required to write any reports.

I’m not sure what books we’ll be reading. We’ll figure that out later.


Obviously, there is no way to make these groups 100% fed-proof. So the only tho you can do is understand the agenda of a fed.

The basic fed agenda is to get you to agree to do something violent. As such, anyone who talks about any form of concrete violence should be shunned from the group. If someone starts with this sort of talk, get up and walk away from them, period. You are all going to be meeting after having read that you don’t talk about violence at these meetings, meaning anyone who does talk about violence is most likely a fed.

I would also be very wary of people encouraging anything else illegal. Even stuff that isn’t a felony.

If people are generally weird, you also want to drop them. By weird I don’t mean just basic social awkwardness. A lot of guys have that and a big part of this whole project should be to help people get over that. Try to be understanding of people who are socially awkward.

I mean weird as in saying things or acting in ways which come across as insane. Mental Instability shouldn’t be tolerated.

Don’t worry too much about infiltration though – you aren’t doing anything illegal by meeting up with bros. Just be aware and use common sense.

First Meet-Up

The first thing is to make contact, and build the group.

I recommend Saturday afternoon at 2:00 as the standard meeting time.

The first meet up with anyone you don’t know should obviously be in a public place. And one where there is no possibility of an ambush. So I would avoid parks. And, because there’s a great likelihood clubs will involve guys under 21, bars don’t work.

So, that mainly leaves restaurants and coffee shops. Waffle House may be a good option, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area that isn’t overrun by the nigras. Or IHOP or Denny’s or whatever.

But these are local groups and you’ll know your local area, know what makes sense.

Also, if you’re worried about setting the meet-up place in a public forum, you can create a private chat thread and set the exact meeting spot and time there.

Establishing a Routine

I would start with once a week meetups on Saturday. Then you can go from there, arranging more regular activities for those who are interested. Of course, it should be flexible and welcoming to those who simply want to meet once a week or once a month or whatever.

To that end, I recommend keeping the once a week meeting going either every week or every other week. And I would keep it at the same location, unless there is some reason to change it. This way you have a base meet-up, and those who want to go any given week will know they can go and find brothers there, and it is a point for new people who want to get involved to get involved.

Using the Forum

Here’s how we’re going to work the forum. If you want to join a Stormer Book Club Cell, first search for your city (using the search function, rather than scrolling) and nearby cities on the forum. If you can’t find anything, start a thread with the title of the thread being the name of your city or nearby city if you live in a rural area or a town.

Just the name of the city, i.e. “New York, New York” or “London, England.”

Then that thread becomes the official club thread for that city.

Obviously, as this is the announcement, everyone will need to start their own threads if they get involved right now. My hope is that established members of the existing DS community will take that initiative.

If you’re in the city and want to get involved, post in the thread. Even just to say “I’m in,” so that people have an idea how many others are involved.

Also, make sure to set notifications for your city’s thread.

Click the notifications box at the bottom of the thread and set it to “watching.”


That way every time someone posts in the thread for your city, you’ll be notified in your board notifications.


This is going to be glorious. The next step in the evolution of The Daily Stormer.

Here’s the Forum.

Sign-up is self-explanatory, if you’re not already a member.

Get involved. You will never regret it.

Hail Victory.