Regarding White Female College-Educated Voters…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2016

Maybe these women should have remained in the kitchen, doing whatever we told them to do, producing sons for us and helping us with tasks?

I wonder whose idea it was to send our women to college and brainwash them against us?


I mean, brainwashing a woman is about as difficult as kicking a baby down a flight of stairs. Or like, running over a small dog with a big truck. It’s a really dishonorable action, to purposefully brainwash a race’s women against them.

What kind of person would do this?

quote-the-feminist-revolution-had-to-be-fought-because-women-quite-simply-were-stopped-at-betty-friedan-64-99-53quote-i-demand-the-independence-of-woman-her-right-to-support-herself-to-live-for-herself-emma-goldman-68-84-70 quote-don-t-think-about-making-women-fit-the-world-think-about-making-the-world-fit-women-gloria-steinem-47-49-98 quote-feminism-is-hated-because-women-are-hated-anti-feminism-is-a-direct-expression-of-misogyny-andrea-dworkin-8-40-70quote-a-cultural-fixation-on-female-thinness-is-not-an-obsession-about-female-beauty-but-an-naomi-wolf-44-93-17

Yeah, five generations of feminists destroying the minds and souls of our women.

What is similar about these five women?