Regarding the “Pick-Up Artist” Game

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2013

Is this what you're striving for, White man?
Is this what you’re striving for, White man?

The most popular article on Daily Stormer this week was a contributor piece about the Jews of the ‘pick-up artist’ industry. I have a few comments to make on this gross phenomenon.

I was somewhat shocked to see people in the comments section defending these Jews. And then I found out that there is an entire internet subculture which identifies as pro-White, while also pushing this Jewish crap.

Firstly, I do not believe that the system which all of these Jews appear to promote is even effective, outside of any moral concerns. Being an asshole to women can only attract damaged girls, as no one else would respond positively to that. What they are teaching is a shoddy method of presenting fake self-confidence, which would only work with the lowest quality of women, that is, self-hating sluts. Even sluts with a good self-image (if there is such a thing – I believe there might be) would respond negatively to this type of behavior.

Of course, women do respond positively to confidence. That is in no way a secret, and there is no mystery about it. If a man has low-confidence, he needs to work on this core problem, at which point he should have no trouble attracting a suitable mate – which should absolutely be the goal of any real man, rather than surrounding himself with easy sluts – this is subhuman behavior, which any true White man should view as below him.

Next, there are very real problems with this sort of thing morally – and remember that the purpose of morality is to uphold and persevere the folk, it is not an abstraction. To put sex as the highest achievement in life is to behave like a black man, and this type of thinking should be looked upon with the utmost disdain, as it necessarily leads to a break down of the social order, ultimately leading to a society which functions as African society does.

This behavior is described as “alpha” by these Jews, who happen to all be ugly, weak dweebs. The true qualities of an “alpha” male are not his ability to psychologically manipulate whorish women into pleasuring him sexually – this is the typical ability of an old fashioned degenerate scumbag, nothing more – a real man who exhibits powerful characteristics is focused on higher, masculine ideals, rather than the lowly material pleasures of sexual extravagance. A true ‘alpha male’ would be spending his energy leading his people by standing up and fighting for ideals.

A people whose men care only for the material pleasures of the world is a broken and weak people, merely waiting around to be destroyed by those who adhere to a stronger ideal (and yes, Islam is stronger than materialism – much stronger). By engaging in obsessive-neurotic sexual fixationism, a White man is not only betraying his own soul, but his race, and the future of his people. There is nothing lower than a creature which exists purely for physical stimulation – it is something lower than the animals, who know better, and plan for the well-being of their offspring.

In order to have a properly functioning society, we need families. In order to have families, we need to control the sex urges, and practice a degree of restraint – restraint is strength, and it was through sexual restraint that the White man was capable of creating the greatest civilizations which ever existed, as this sexual restraint (what Freud referred to as ‘sexual repression’ and sought to ‘free us’ from) gave stability to the social order, allowing for men to focus on things beyond physical stimulation.

I also believe that sexual promiscuity leads directly to homosexuality, as it is basically the same thing.

Of course, sexuality is a fundamental aspect of who we are as human beings, and we do need to satisfy this need.  We simply must recognize that the proper way to fulfill this need is through committed, monogamous relationships.  Repeated promiscuous sexual encounters do not actually even meet the sexual needs, as they lead merely to an endless desire for further encounters – this is the opposite of fulfillment.

It is necessary that we rise above.