Regarding the Unquantifiable Significance of Grandmas Baking Cookies

Here at the Daily Stormer, we talk about what a disaster it is to have women in public life. We catalog the way they do nothing but hurt people. In particular, they hurt white men, who they view as the embodiment of some evil.

Women in the workplace distract men, they annoy men, they sexually harass men, they abuse men. They make any workplace more difficult. Some of them, such as those in politics, are actively and aggressively working to destroy Western civilization. It is very difficult to understand what drives them even, beyond some sick, pathological addiction to power. We look at the modern woman, we are so repulsed by them, and we wonder why on earth God would create such vile and insufferable creatures. But God made them for a completely different purpose.

Women were designed by God to live inside of the home, to make and raise children. It is not a joke to say that grandmas like Nancy Pelosi and Lisa Murkowski should be baking cookies for their grandkids – this is possibly the single most important job in the entire universe, second only to actually birthing the children.

I don’t talk about my personal life here on the site much, because I believe it is unprofessional to do so, and I don’t think it really matters who I am, but rather, it is my plan that matters. But, I have said before that my grandmother is the person who had the single biggest impact on my life. My parents, may God bless them, were baby boomers and had their own affairs happening during my childhood, as I think all baby boomer parents did. (Even beyond the problematic nature of the baby boomer generation, it has always been true that parents were busy when their kids were young, so much of the parenting duties fell on the grandmother.)

I always knew that my grandma would be there for me, no matter what happened.

I know as an absolute matter of fact that if I had come to her and said, “grandma, I just killed a man,” she wouldn’t have blinked once before saying, “you go get the shovel out of the garage, I’ll pull the car around, and if the cops catch us, you’re gonna tell ’em I did it.” There was nothing in this woman but love for her family. Until I die, that love I received from my grandma will be with me. I think many people now go through their childhood and their entire lives without knowing what it feels like to have someone love you unconditionally, simply because of who you are, and those people cannot ever be whole humans. I have no idea what person I would be if my grandma hadn’t been in my life, but I know I wouldn’t be the person I am now. I would be something much lesser.

I cannot even begin to imagine that if, when I was a boy, during those years when my grandmother played this most important role in my life, she had been instead in Congress. All women who work when they have families at home are engaging in anti-human activities. We need these women. We need them at home.

Putting women in the workplace is like playing baseball with a piece of expensive and delicious steak instead of a ball. If a pitcher tried to throw a piece of steak at the plate, it would fall down into the dirt, get all crappy. It would totally ruin the game. The fans would boo, screaming that they do not like this, that they want the sport to be played with a ball. Meanwhile, someone could have eaten that steak and had the best meal of their life.

Everyone loses:

  • The baseball fans lose because the game is ruined (society forced to deal with women in public life ruining society)
  • The person who could have eaten that delicious steak loses the best meal ever (the children are deprived of the women)
  • The steak loses its chance to fulfill the purpose of its existence (the woman has no actual purpose)

Things should be in their places.