Regarding RamzPaul’s Anti-Nazi Video

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2016

Approximately 1,488 people sent me RamzPaul’s latest video talking about 1488 Neo-Nazis. They were all outraged, and some thought he was targeting this site specifically. I watched it, fully expecting to be outraged, and yet I was not. I also did not feel he was targeting this site.

In actual fact, he makes a valid argument which should be considered. I even agree with some of what he is saying, and I think other places he is only wrong because he is confused about why some people on the internet – myself being one of them – use Nazi imagery.

I have difficulty trusting anyone who thinks this sucks.
I have difficulty trusting anyone who thinks this sucks.

Let me first point out that I have never met anyone who wore a Nazi uniform. I am aware these people exist, but I do not think they make up more than a fraction of a percent of people who identify as nationalist. I would not personally wear a Nazi uniform, nor would I tell anyone else to do that (unless it was part of some IRL trolling/performance art).

Ramz first point, which comes across as clever (and is, but only on a comedic level), is that if Hitler was the modern equivalent of pro-Hitler persons now, he would maybe dress up like a Confederate general, as that would have been honoring a racist group which existed 70 years before his time in a foreign country.

There are several problems with this analogy.

Firstly, the Confederacy was not an ideology, per se, it was simply a political entity which wanted independence from another political entity which was intent on controlling it. National Socialism is an entire image of man, including a political, scientific, social and spiritual order, and many people – myself included – feel that this system which the NSDAP created can be employed, at least in part, in the modern era.

Secondly, I think there is some confusion in the mind of Ramz as to why so many people on the internet use Nazi-type imagery.

Did you hear of a TOP KEK?
Did you hear of a TOP KEK?

There are multiple reasons, the least of which is that people actually want to march through the streets wearing SS uniforms.

The first and probably primary reason is that it is fun, due to the shock value associated with it. This makes young people interested in our cause because it is rebellious and sexy. The swastika has become the ultimate symbol of the new counterculture, of resistance against the modern system of politically correct oppression. It has become this mainly because of how it has been portrayed as the ultimate evil.

Anime Nazis: They're cute.
Anime Nazis: They’re cute.

Another reason people use Nazi imagery is that it is inspirational to remember that there was a group of men not too long ago that took on the Jews and almost won.

A third reason is that it triggers people in a way that is hilarious. And triggering cucks is always good, as it breaks down barriers, makes ideas more acceptable. Nazism is as far right as you can go, and by pushing this imagery, you make less hardcore concepts more socially acceptable.

It’s called the Overton Window:

The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas the public will accept. It is used by media pundits. The term is derived from its originator, Joseph P. Overton (1960–2003), a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, who in his description of his window claimed that an idea’s political viability depends mainly on whether it falls within the window, rather than on politicians’ individual preferences. According to Overton’s description, his window includes a range of policies considered politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too extreme to gain or keep public office.

Even if we don’t want to be marching through the streets in uniforms waving Nazi flags, trolling people and making them think we want to do that has no negative effects. Obviously if you’re a serious political party you don’t troll people in that manner, but the Daily Stormer and /pol/ are not serious political parties: this is just the internet.

I did not make this method up. This has been used by literally every single leftist revolutionary movement. They always have a group which is pushing the most hardcore positions possible for the purpose of making other less hardcore positions more socially acceptable.

Just an example here: the gay rights movement of the 1990s had NAMBLA, which was openly campaigning for the right to have sex with little boys. That was all in the media. The non-pedo gays never condemned them. They marched beside them. Eventually, the gays got their rights, not despite NAMBLA, but because of them. They had made the positions of the more mainstream activists seem significantly less dangerous and offensive by pushing the most dangerous and offensive positions imaginable.

The boy-lovers marched right alongside the normal ass-lovers and were not condemned. These people did what they did and they got what they wanted.
The boy-lovers marched right alongside the normal ass-lovers and were not condemned. These people did what they did and they got what they wanted.

Just another example here: The Black Panthers marching through the streets with guns chanting that they were going to kill cops made it a whole lot easier for people to accept Martin Luther King’s master plan.

What hardcore extremists are doing is helping to push a social climate wherein people who present themselves as the alt-right presents itself are in a better position to be viewed as reasonable. And yet, these people come out and attack us. It is utterly baffling. I have repeatedly asked these people to take a look at the way the leftist revolutionary groups carried out their agendas, and they are apparently refusing to do so. This is very, very simple stuff, even if it isn’t immediately intuitive.

A last point about admiring Hitler is that it isn’t as though I or anyone else who admires Hitler admires him exclusively. And it is difficult to see the difference, all things being equal, between admiring Hitler, the Founding Fathers, Napoleon, Charles Martel or any other historical European figure.

Dare we deny all history completely? What for?
Should we deny all history completely? What for?

The Founding Fathers drew such inspiration from ancient Greece and Rome that they modeled almost all of the nations iconic architecture on this aesthetic. The Greek classics, as well as all of the other European classics, were taught in schools. The Founding Fathers wrote about viewing America as a New Rome.

Ramz would perhaps respond with “yeah but they weren’t wearing togas.” But again, no one that I know wants to wear SS uniforms. And they did use ancient Roman symbols, which would be a pretty direct analog to using Nazi imagery on the internet.

The Roman Faschia is featured prominently throughout US government buildings and on various seals.
The Roman Fasces is featured prominently throughout US government buildings and on various seals.
The Statue of Liberty is the image of the Roman Goddess Libertas.
The Statue of Liberty is the image of the Roman goddess Libertas.
Neoclassical architecture, based on ancient Greek and Roman motifs, is the definitive style of Washington, DC.
Neoclassical architecture, based on ancient Greek and Roman motifs, is the definitive style of Washington, DC.
The Horatio Greenough statue of George Washington is based on Phidias' great statue of Zeus Olympios. It even has a Latin inscription.
The Horatio Greenough statue of George Washington is based on Phidias’ great statue of Zeus Olympios. It even has a Latin inscription.
The Washington Monument is an obelisk, a design that goes all the way back to Egypt and was used by Greece and Rome. Every European country in the world still uses this design.
The Washington Monument is an obelisk, a design that goes all the way back to Egypt and was used by Greece and Rome. Every European country in the world still uses this design.

In actual fact, the whole of Europe has used classical aesthetics and philosophy for the entire history of civilization.

Denial of Adolf Hitler, in the way Ramz is suggesting, would be no different than denying the greatness of any other part of European history. Unless, of course, you want to pander to the modern paradigm of “evil Hitler.” But if that is what you want to do – and this is clearly what Ramz wants to do – then why not just say it? Why invent a confusing analogy which would, if followed through with, mean that we should deny all of European history “because it’s current year”?

It is unnecessarily dishonest.

“Stop, You’re Hurting Me”

Though Ramz didn’t come out with it in this video explicitly, the idea of the “moderate” crowd he runs with is that we are somehow hurting them by being too hardcore. But there is no explanation of how this process works. I have explained how the process of pushing the Overton Window works. If there is a process by which Nazi trolls are harming the alt-right, it needs to be explained and we can discuss it. Because “people won’t like us because they’ll think we’re like you” is a baseless assertion, which has not been demonstrated. There is no example of it happening and it doesn’t follow logically.

There is also no reason to believe that even people as mild as Richard Spencer would not be called “White Supremacists” if we didn’t exist. The truth is actually something closer to the opposite of that: our existence makes it harder to frame mild pro-White activists as hardcore extremists.

Yes, The Holocaust

Interestingly, Ramz’ second point is that all pro-White activists are associated with Nazism and thus linked to the alleged Holocaust of the Jews.

He mentions that in a Buzzfeed interview he did, the interviewer asked him about the Holocaust. Then he seemed to suggest that the interviewer asked this because of “the 1488 crowd.”

This is obviously nonsensical. Everyone who is White and supports White interests is going to be likened to Nazis and have the Holocaust thrown at them as a reason they are evil and must be stopped.

Saying “but please, I’m not a Nazi” does nothing, and the further you try to pander, the weaker you look, the more you appear to just be a weaselly liar.

Ramz even acknowledges how much power they get from this hoax. And there is obviously only one way to remove that power: the Holocaust has to be addressed – it has to be denied.

So do I, gramps. So. Do. I.
So do I, gramps. So. Do. I.

For the record, saying “yeah, we did the Holocaust and we’re going to do it again” would be a significantly better response to the media than “I’m so sorry for the Holocaust, we don’t want to do that, we distance ourselves from it.” At least saying you support gassing Jews would make people be like “whoa, yeah, this guy’s hardcore,” which would be better than making people be like “this guy is a slimy fink trying to trick people about what he believes.”

But we don’t even have to go into that, because the hoax is so easy to deny. All the information on it is already available. We know for a fact it didn’t happen, and we can prove it.

You cannot maneuver around it. You have to go at it head-on.

This advertisement was featured prominently in drug store windows across Germany during WWII. A common insult at the time was "you can't even afford pure Jew soap."
You can laugh at this. People like to laugh at this. It’s funny. They actually claim to have been made into soap, these Jews.

Because the entire modern paradigm has been shaped around this hoax. It is the reason for Jewish power, it is the reason for White guilt, it is the reason for mass non-White immigration, it is the reason even for homo rights and so on. Every time you try to do anything, they are going to throw these six million Jews at you, and you simply cannot dodge six million Jews.

So if dodging is not an option, two options remain:

  1. You can catch them: say you did gas these Jews, or
  2. You can deflect them: say the actual fact that the whole thing is a hoax.

And for the record, you don’t have to praise Hitler to deny the Holocaust. You can say “well, I don’t necessarily support everything Hitler believed, but it is clear that this Holocaust myth is mere atrocity propaganda which has since been used by the Jews to deflect criticism and push a radical anti-White agenda.”

Yes, They’re Going to Call You Names

I would be lying if I said the fact that the media (and Wikipedia) call me a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” doesn’t bother me a bit. But it bothers me not because “oh my god, people will think I’m evil,” but because I fear people will think I’m a total faggot.

Who else gets called names by Wikipedia? Isn't that against policy?
Who else gets called names by Wikipedia? Isn’t that against policy?

“Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” draws up imagery of methamphetamine-dealing prison gangs and people who take themselves much too seriously. Just for the record here: being called a “Nazi” offends me less, because I think it sounds significantly less gay; however, in a perfect world, I would prefer simply “far right,” but Ted Cruz apparently gets that title.

Ultimately, it is a fact of life that Jews are going to call us names and distort what it is that we are saying for the purpose of pushing their own agenda. It is going to happen to Ramz, it is going to happen to the Daily Stormer.

It happens to the leadership of Iran and Russia, so why would we possibly expect that it wouldn’t happen to us?

It’s part of life, and there is no way to pander to the media in such a manner that it keeps you from being called names. It just won’t work.

As always, my message to the “moderate” White activists is simply this: do what you do and let us do what we do. We are not enemies. We have the same basic goals. Please take a page from the leftist book and realize the abject idiocy of attacking your own allies over minor disagreements.

We don’t have time for it.

Hail Victory.


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