Regarding a Potential Alliance Between the Far-Right and the Far-Left

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2019

On the recommendation of many people on the far-right, I’ve been watching Jimmy Dore’s far-left YouTube show.

I think it is very informative, generally, and I see why people on the far-right like it. It is legitimately anti-war and legitimately anti-globalism, and they call-out a lot of nonsense on the mainstream neo-liberal left, such as the Russian conspiracy hoax. He is also anti-Israel.

He’s more hostile to the Democrat Party than he is to Donald Trump.

That’s all fine.

As far as my own agenda goes, I could care less about whether or not some future government gives everyone free healthcare and college. That is not even on my list of concerns, or something that I ever think about.

I don’t even care about this green energy stuff or the global warming hoax. Obviously, the Ocasio-Cortez plan is insane and impossible, but some form of that which doesn’t shut down all electricity is fine with me. Whatever.

All things being equal, I would be open to agreeing to give leftists these things, if they agreed to be against immigration and homosexuality on a shared platform. They’re already more or less against the Jews, so there is certainly room to come together under a populist, people’s platform.

But here’s the thing. 

As much as people want to talk about how “left” and “right” don’t really exist, they actually do exist. The left is feminine and the right is masculine. That is why you have mass immigration coupled with socialism – these are both feminine.

The female and the feminine male are emotionally driven, and thus want to save all the poor brown people that the TV says need a big white nanny to come save them from themselves. They want to protect anal perverts, who they are told are being oppressed and abused. They are easily swayed by environmentalist propaganda that says the world will end if they keep driving a car.

The female and the feminine male are also weak and want someone else to take care of them, so they want free healthcare. They want to be given whatever they can be given by the state.

Viewing immigrants as competitors rather than friends is masculine. Just as it is masculine to want to work and pay for your own things.

There have been multiple studies showing that the less muscle mass you have, the more likely you are to support socialism.

Any talk about wanting healthcare at all is actually feminine. Men who are not obese tend to not go to the doctor, until they are elderly and their testosterone is dropping. Because it is generally humiliating to go to the doctor and have some other man – or a woman – care for your body.

I think it would be easy enough for most people on the far-right to say what I have said: that the socialist stuff doesn’t really matter if we are able to get through an anti-Jew, anti-immigrant, anti-homo, anti-feminist agenda. Furthermore, on a few of the issues, such as the role of billionaires and mutlinational corporations in society, the leftists are more on point than most right-wingers. But none of the weak men who have committed themselves to socialism are going to give up their love for weakness in order to accomplish their socialist goals.

That is part and parcel of being a weak, pathetic being.

You saw this fact on full display with the recent event involving Tucker Carlson interviewing that Dutch socialist, Rutger Bregman.

Tucker invited this guy on to spread his socialist message, but it was more important to the Dutch fag to attack Tucker in defense of immigrants than to spread his message about taxing billionaires.

Furthermore, the faggot didn’t even know who Tucker was. He didn’t know any of his positions. He seemed to be attacking him as if he was Sean Hannity. Tucker has never been pro-billionaire. Maybe he was ten years ago, I don’t really know, but he hasn’t held that position since he has had this show on Fox.

And I actually do agree with Tucker’s agenda to establish a third position by combining social conservatism with progressive-type economics.

It is clear that pure free market capitalism is no longer a sustainable system in the long run, because everything is going to be run by robots, and labor itself will have little or no value. There isn’t really any choice here other than a total restructuring of the economy. I don’t think that free government healthcare – and certainly not free college – is an especially important issue there, but the general claim that capitalism is becoming increasingly nonviable is self-evident.

This doesn’t mean “so socialism then,” but rather that every aspect of the economy is going to need to be rethought without the influence of previous ideologies in order to create a new system that works for the people.

I think Tucker will be able to attract normal working and middle class people who have historically identified with the left with his heresies against the free market, and he will have no problem keeping normal people who identify as conservative, as they are more concerned with social issues.

But it is only normal people who are ever going to be attracted to any of this, and they will only be attracted to it for practical reasons. Ideology-driven leftists are never going to give up their obsession with brown people, feminism and sodomy.