Reformed Black Crack Dealer Now Bakes Cupcakes That are as Addictive as Crack

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2020

This is a truly heart-warming story.

New York Post:

This guy went from selling crack to selling cupcakes. “We call that transferrable skills,” Antwoin Gutierrez, aka Chef Fresh, told The Post.

The former drug dealer from Peekskill, NY, used to bake crack, but is now baking cupcakes. Meet Antwoin Gutierrez, AKA Chef Fresh. Chef Fresh harnessed his entrepreneurial tendencies into more respectable pursuits, thanks to nonprofit organizations geared to helping ex-cons succeed including The Doe Fund and Defy Ventures, which offers a program similar to “Shark Tank” for prisoners.

He now boasts a booming business, Fresh Taste Bakery, delivering 500 desserts a week across the five boroughs. “The cupcakes are addictive, just like crack,” his cousin joked.

Unironically, after black men turn thirty-five, they do generally stop being such a menace to society. It’s a pretty funny meme. They all come out and say “man, I ain’t know what I was doin back then – I look back and I just can’t even know what I was thinkin!” They usually become Christians, and can actually be okay. I’ve had two friends who were black males over 35 who I would classify as very solid guys.

Although I’m sure Christianity helps, the actual biological explanation of course is that when their testosterone drops with age, they no longer are driven to such extreme violence, as a rule.

Even Jesse Lee Peterson and Ben Carson have stories about how they were violent maniacs in their youth, before they saw the light of Christ.

The logical thing for our society to do would be to put responsible older black men in charge of young black males, and allow them to use strict discipline to make the young blacks behave.

But instead, Jews just give testosterone-fueled young black men crack cocaine and use them as a weapon against white society.

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