Referencing Cyberpunk, Elon Musk Condemns Discord Ban of r/WallStreetBets

Breaking news: richest man in the world references shittiest video game ever made in attack on ADL spying app shutting down troll group.

The tweet is a reference to Discord shutting down the chat of r/WallStreetBets amidst the GameStop debacle, which has put a bunch of ultra-wealthy Jew bankers in a difficult position.

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He also tweeted the “stonk” meme, which I hate.

Basically, this entire thing has shown that the financial system is about as legitimate as the electoral system: if Jews lose, they just use their incredible ethnic networking abilities to shut you down and punish you for beating them.

The situation is fascinating, and there is a lot I want to write about it. I would have written a long thing today, if Ricky Vaughn didn’t get indicted the same day that the leader of the Proud Boys was outed as a FBI secret agent and Demi Moore injected herself with alien DNA. All those stories ended up getting top billing on the Stormer today. Remember: I’m only one man.

I will be writing a lot more about GameStop and the obvious implications of these Jews saying that if they lose a game they created and invited you to come play, they will shut you down and accuse you of being an incel neo-Nazi.

One thing I didn’t really care about was Elon Musk’s opinion on Discord. These people have publicly had a deal to sell user’s private data for years now, and they’ve repeatedly banned people for political reasons. A bunch of goyim on the internet making billions from Wall Street Jews is a political situation, and it is going to get the same response as any other situation involving Jews losing something to goyim, which is effectively an organized campaign of terror.

If Elon Musk wants to be an activist, he should stick to it, follow through, and defend the people. Not make cheap, easy shots to score publicity points.

He could have started by condemning CD Projekt Red for that horrible game, but instead he falsely claimed it was good, providing no evidence for the baseless conspiracy theory.