Reddit’s Anti-Bankster Revolution is Going to be Spun Out Into Something Weird

Eric Feigl-Ding is an alleged Chinese race traitor who works for the Democrat Party. There’s a high probability he’s a spy, actually, posing as a race traitor, but whatever. It doesn’t really make any difference. The Democrat Party is loaded up with Chinese spies like ticks on a farm dog, but even if half the party was Chinese spies, they wouldn’t be able to stop the anti-China agenda.

Ding went viral talking about the coronavirus in the early stages of the mass insanity movement. He was one of the first hysteria promoters. He made a bunch of nasty statements about China during that process, but either a spy or a race traitor would make the same move.

Here’s the conundrum of the Democrats: they’re pushing for a war with China, so they want to have a bunch of Chinese people visible in their party. You can try to untangle the logic of that, if you want. It’s a little bit more complicated than simply not wanting to look racist, although that’s part of it. They want to look like the conflict is about “values” and not race.

Anyway: whether or not Ding is a genuine race traitor or a spy is not particularly important. What is important is that he’s operating in the capacity of a Democrat operative, attempting to make viral social media content, for the purpose of furthering his agenda to gain power in the Democrat Party.

And he’s now promoting this GameStop thing, using a viral video from ten years ago featuring a pickaninny harassing the Jews about capitalism.

The Jews are tricky, you see.

There is absolutely no way they’re going to let this r/WallStreetBets revolution continue. They are going to do something about it. Based on how the media and politicians are responding, I don’t think they’re just going to shut it all down. Instead, they are going to send someone out to be the new face of it, and work with them.

The Robinhood shutdown is the first time I have ever seen a bipartisan response to a censorship campaign. The immediate knee-jerk reaction was to shut it down, because the goyim know, but I’ve seen the politicians and the media and big Jews not directly involved with the situation coming out and saying “oh yes, I support this, power to the people.”

Marc Cuban, a vile Jew billionaire, is out there saying it.

I’m not clear on the direction this is going to go in, but it’s not going to go in the direction of people from reddit being allowed to loot Wall Street completely. Even if the Jews have decided that Wall Street has outlived its usefulness (which is possibly at the root of all of this, though I wouldn’t be sure of that), they’re not just going to give all that money out to reddit.

To all of you RWSB people, let me tell you something:

I once took part in the creation of a cool and fun movement on the internet. Then a bunch of weird people started showing up on TV and saying they represented me and my people. Then the whole thing spun out of control totally, and was a disaster.

The Democrat Party is presently dealing with a crisis of legitimacy. There are people, right now, in chain emails and Slack servers or whatever, attempting to figure out how to use this current hype over this GameStop thing to benefit them. Probably, they are going to spin it into some kind of astroturfed nonsense involving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s not going to be a bunch of NEET nerds and Asian Americans posting memes about rockets and diamond hands and getting rich by ripping off Jews.

Whatever you think is going to happen or is happening is not to be. The whole way that Wall Street runs – this gigantic smoke and mirrors swindle – is just the microcosm of the entire system. The idea that you have some sort of rights is unfounded. Just like they shut you down on Robinhood, before you could blink, they will shut down your entire thing, or turn it into something unrecognizable.

Elon Musk will not save you.

Although frankly, he did save me today. And I’m thankful for that.

But frankly, Elon will always seem like he’s going to help you, and then not actually ever do it.