Redditor Goes to BLM Riot as a “White Ally,” Becomes Shocked When His Car is Attacked…!

The above post appeared on r/seattle on Sunday.

Some funny replies.

At one point, the OP responded to being called a cuck by saying his wife would beat people up for him.

It was locked by the mods, then the guy who posted it, u/kwertyoop, deleted the post and his reddit account.

So I assume it’s real, based on that series of events. Maybe it isn’t real. There’s never a way to tell if something on reddit is real or not, so I tend to just believe all of it.

Regardless, it is obviously something that happens. The problems that these blacks are allegedly whining about are not real problems. They are not being killed by cops at any significant number compared to the rest of the population.

The reason they are out there rioting is either because they hate white people or because they want to loot, or some combination of the two. They do not have real issues to complain about.

So of course they’re just going to attack the only white people who show up, which are weak retards who want to show “solidarity” with black rioters.

Calling people “cucks” is played out and everyone gets it. But these people are all going to get what they deserve.

Imagine if instead of going to support black causes, whites would go out and support their own causes. Imagine all the good that could come if this energy to right wrongs was put someplace where actual wrong was being done?