Reddit is Still Doing the “Haha, You Were Against Lockdowns But Now You Have the Virus” Bit

This is at the top of reddit:

You’ll remember that with both Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, when they tested positive, the media and reddit gloated about it, saying “ahahaha! You refused to take it seriously and now you have it!”

But of course, neither Trump nor Bolsonaro had any problems. They are both men in their 70s, neither of them particularly healthy, and had no problems.

So you would think it would prove the opposite of the thing they are trying to say. But they’re still out there saying “haha, you were against lockdowns and now you have the virus!”

At the same time, you’ll notice that the number of deaths from the virus has been more or less removed from the discussion, and the media only talks about the number of infections.

It’s as if leftists believe the virus is not a problem because it makes you sick (or kills you, according to them), but it is some kind of curse, and that simply testing positive – even if you don’t get sick at all – is some kind of bad event in itself.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, which I do not understand exactly, but it seems like it is tied in with the worship of authority. Authority says that testing positive for the virus is bad, so it must somehow be bad, even if it doesn’t do anything.

I don’t think leftists ever think anything through, ever. There is no process of thought. It is just the voice of authority transferred directly to their belief system.

It’s very strange to observe.