Reddit Involved in Sickeningly Unethical Advertisement

Reddit, the biggest forum site on the internet, is a site I am ashamed to admit I still visit. The fact of reality is, it still has some great link-dump boards.

However, the ultimate fact of ultimate reality is that reddit is an unethical cesspit, aside from censorship.

It is one of the only sites where I still see advertisements. That in itself is unethical. They have figured out a way to bypass adblockers – such as the one in Brave Browser, which I use, and which you should also use – by disguising their ads as posts.

What is much more disturbing, however, is the kind of content that they are contracted to advertise.

For example, this:

That is a program which allows people to cheat at Android games by playing them on their computer. That means that the user is able to use a keyboard and mouse while playing against opponents who are messing about on a touch screen.

Truly, this is criminal, and it should really be a crime in any civilized country. However, “civilized countries” have repeatedly refused to regulate cheating in video games.

Even if it is still legal, surely, corporations which have taken a stand on ethics – for example, reddit bans anyone who disagrees with the government or Jews – should be refusing advertisement from companies which market the ability to cheat at video games?

However, they are perfectly fine working with people engaged in total evil. While at the same time banning people who disagree with the mainstream political machine.

This means as a matter of absolute fact that they are not actually concerned about ethics, and they only ban people who they are told to ban as part of a Jewish political agenda.

Reddit should be investigated by Congress.