Red Ice Website Hacked – Change Your Passwords

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2017

So, Red Ice got hacked.

Their websites and their Twitter accounts were hacked.

Which sucks for them, but I’m sure they’ll get it sorted out.

But I just want to let anyone know, who is a member, that there is a chance that your password could be compromised.

So obviously you can’t access the site right now, but if you used that same password for anything else, you need to change the passwords of the things you might be using it for. Bank accounts, Twitter, email, anything that you’ve used the same password for (or might have used, if you don’t remember).


Lana now has control of her account again.

So does Henrik.

He is confirming that details were not accessed.

I think he’s a smart guy and would know not to keep the passwords and payment info in a database, so that’s probably true.

I would still change my passwords though if I were you.

Just for safety’s sake.