Red Bull Purges Cuck Executives Trying to Push Woke Negro Terrorism

Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz

For the record, I do not recommend that anyone drink soft drinks for any reason.

I function better with caffeine, and I get that from five daily cups of coffee, which is the effective dose for an adult. If I drank enough Red Bull to get my caffeine intake, I would be spending rent money on that, and also getting diabetes.

However, if one is to drink soft drinks, I fully endorse Red Bull.

It is not as disgustingly sweet and fizzy as mainline soda, and tastes less acidic, though that may just be the perception of no fizz. It comes in metal cans instead of in sex-changing plastics, and it delivers caffeine directly to your bloodstream like no other soda.

Also, it purges negro terrorist sympathizers from its ranks.

Wall Street Journal:

The maker of Red Bull energy drinks has replaced its top U.S. executives amid internal tensions over the closely held company’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Red Bull GmbH, the Austrian company that makes the drink, said Stefan Kozak, its North America chief executive, and Amy Taylor, its North America president and chief marketing officer, have left the company. It named other executives to temporarily fill the roles.

Red Bull didn’t give a reason for the changes, which were announced in an internal memo Monday.

Ms. Taylor had been working on diversity and inclusion efforts within the company with Mr. Kozak’s support for several years but was met with opposition when she began advocating for Red Bull to be more overt in its support of racial justice in the last month, according to people familiar with the matter.

Some U.S. employees had recently raised concerns about what they considered the company’s inaction on the Black Lives Matter movement and about a racist slide that was in a presentation given at a company event in February. An image of the slide was obtained by Business Insider, which earlier reported on the news.

Red Bull has also decided to discontinue much of its culture marketing programs, and the head of global culture marketing, Florian Klaass, will leave the company, a spokeswoman said. Mr. Klaass, whose team presented the offensive slide at the February meeting, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Red Bull has a history of hosting events and publishing content about Black music and culture. U.S.-based executives believed the company had an obligation to publicly support racial justice because it has benefited from its close association with Black culture, the people familiar with the matter said.

Red Bull will focus its culture marketing programs on where they make the most impact, the spokeswoman said. It will continue the Red Bull BC One, a breakdancing competition, Red Bull Dance Your Style street dancing events, and Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, a rap competition for Spanish speakers.

Red Bull was introduced in 1987 by Dietrich Mateschitz, who remains its CEO. The Austrian billionaire built a global beverage business with more than 12,000 employees and nearly $7 billion in 2019 sales. He has also assembled a sports and media empire. The company owns professional soccer teams in the U.S. and Europe and sponsors Nascar and Formula 1 teams.

Soccer, eh?

Maybe they should be selling Red Bull to the sort of people who would become lifetime amphetamine users – writers, programmers, engineers, traders and so on?

Those sorts of people watch more E-Sports than sportsball, and Monster seems to be dominating those ads.

The true addict demographic is extremely loyal, and will drink five cans a day, every day, for the next 40 years.

If there was a sugar-free version, I would consider doing that. If it was a kind of briny, peppery mix of onion, tomato and lemon juice, with the same hit of caffeine, I would sell a kidney for a lifetime supply. God, that would be so, so good.

Until then, I’ll stick to coffee. Nonetheless, it raises my spirits to know that these noble stimulant merchants refuse to bow to the hurt feelings of the Burn, Loot, Murder mob.

Dietrich Mateschitz is a good man and an Austrian patriot.