Red-Blooded Southerners Protest Sodomite Indoctrination of Children

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

These fucking white male children need to stop trying to reach away and escape the demon-possessed child molester sodomites and the AIDS-laden saliva dripping off of their foreskin-munching fangs.

Don’t you see how goyim are born intolerant?

That’s why they need to be educated.

Don’t trust Innocence.

Trust Experience.

Yahoo News:

Drag Queen Story Hours have been held at libraries or book stores in big cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and costume-loving New Orleans — where over-the-top hair, makeup and gowns and stories about gender fluidity aren’t exactly new.

Your tax dollars pay for libraries that host these events.

In some smaller communities, however, the programs have sparked protests from conservative and religious groups.

In Lafayette, Louisiana, west of New Orleans, the president of the local public library board resigned amid debate over plans to hold “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Mayor Joel Robideaux has indicated he may seek to cancel the Oct. 6 program.

Mayor Joel Robideaux, a good, simple, grey-eyed goy.

A handful of protesters showed up in the rain outside an August event at a library branch in Columbus, Georgia, according to the Ledger-Enquirer.

And, on its Facebook page, a group called Common Sense Campaign Tea Party is calling for protests of a planned Sept. 8 event at a public library in Mobile, Alabama. That’s where drag queen Khloe Kash is scheduled to read “Rainbow Fish,” a 1992 story about the value of sharing, and “Stella Brings the Family,” about a little girl fretting over what to do about her school’s upcoming Mother’s Day celebration because she has two fathers.

She has two fathers – and both of them pay taxes for these libraries.

That’s not how it works, perverts.

Every child has one mother and one father.

“It’s growing all over the nation, including the South,” Jonathan Hamilt, a New Yorker who provides help in organizing the story hours nationwide, told The Associated Press. He said there are DQSH chapters in 40 states and in other countries.

A sodomite indoctrination cartel is operating in 40 states and other countries.

Who is running this? Where is the money coming from?

Hamilt performs as his drag alter-ego, Ona Louise, at charity events and at Drag Queen Story Hours. He acknowledges that the story hours draw protests in some cities. But he has also been surprised at the acceptance it has received in some rural areas and conservative states such as Wisconsin and Georgia, where he grew up.

“You never know how the community is going to react to the programing,” Hamilt said. “It’s kind of a toss-up.”

Critics see something sinister: “The program is designed to purposely target children so as to make sexual perversion acceptable through repeated exposure,” a poster on the Common Sense Campaign Tea Party page wrote. AL.Com reported that opponents at a Mobile County Commission meeting described the programs as a “plan to indoctrinate children.”

Note this language: “sexual perversion,” “indoctrinate children.” This is how you red pill about queers in PC-speak, or prolespeak.

Salt of earth, these southern gentlemen.

These faggots are possessed by evil. Nature hates them.

They prey on children, and disorder male society.

We need an Inquisition.