Record Number of Moslems Now Becoming Politicians in America

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

Why is this a thing?


There has been a surge in the number of Muslim-Americans launching their bids for national and statewide offices, analysts say, crediting the Trump administration’s policies with sparking the moment.

The primary season ahead of the November midterm elections is in full swing, and it has already broken some records. AP reported, citing Jetpac, a non-profit company assisting Muslim-American candidates, that 90 Muslim-Americans initially stood for statewide and nationwide offices in this year’s elections. The number represents a record high, never seen after the 9/11 terrorist attacks eroded the trust of Americans in their fellow citizens of Islamic faith.

Not all of them have crossed the first threshold on the way to become elected officials. Only some 50 are still standing in their respective races after primaries. In some states, like Michigan, primaries are yet to take place and may see the number of Muslim-American candidates plummeting further. Still, 50 is a huge increase from about a dozen Muslim-Americans that ran for office in 2016, the report notes.

If they all succeed, Congress may receive up to nine new Muslim members.

Among the most celebrated Muslim-American political newcomers is Abdul El-Sayed, who is running for governor of Michigan. El-Sayed became the youngest health commissioner in a major city when he was appointed as the executive director of the Detroit Health Department at the age of 30. Now 33, he’s getting huge media attention and is being dubbed “the new Obama,” (the “old” Obama is Protestant, it has to be noted) although he himself rejects the comparison.

First things first, the comments at RT have been getting steadily more red-pilled over the months.

I want to take credit for this. By my logic, because I started linking their articles, I figure some of you must have followed the links and started red-pilling in the comments section. If this is the case, that’s pretty awesome. Makes me feel proud of myself.

Second thing: how is this happening?

Has America forgotten 9/11?

I mean, it was probably the kikes who did it, but the official story is that some Moslems got into a plane and rammed it into the Twin Towers, killing thousands.

Because of their religion.

And now we’re supposed to allow Moslems to hold political power over us?

This is insane. What sane nation would allow something like this to happen? We’re behaving like a defeated power and accepting terms and conditions that traditionally nations would have to lose wars first to have imposed on them.

But wait.

This might not be such a bad thing. Clever empires usually appoint satraps from the local population to rule over their own people but to report to the central power. However, sometimes conquering powers took over a country and then used foreigners to mercilessly extract rents from the conquered population, like what the Normans did when they took over the British Isles – they imported Jews to tax the Saxons and other conquered inhabitants of the Isles.

This was a high risk and high reward strategy. On the one hand, the Jews were merciless, squeezing the locals to the last penny and unleashing all sorts of depravity on them – in that sense they were useful to the conquering powers. On the other hand, this often resulted in popular revolts, pogroms, expulsions and horrible retribution on the conquerors.

Think about the Bohdan Khmelnitsky Cossack rebellion in the Ukraine against the Poles and their kike agents looting the Ukrainian peasantry.

If you use locals though, you also run the risk of them feeling pity for their ethnic kin. Sort of like when the Romans sent Arminius to subdue his own tribe and ended up losing an entire legion in the forests of Germany.

So, if they want to start appointing smelly sandniggers to rule over us…well I think that it might be a step too far, even for complacent America. I mean think about it this way, trips to the DMV probably red-pill more people every year than the entire dissident right combined.

So, let’s see how this plays out.

Usually, foreign satraps trigger intense feelings of hate and resentment in the occupied population. Perhaps instead of a doughy white face talking about the joys of multi-culti, what we really need are snarling sandniggers and blacks doing the same. Perhaps that will trigger a defense instinct before its too late.