Recent Pictures of Heather Locklear Demonstrate That We Must BAN Women

Here are some pictures of Heather Locklear from when I was a kid.

Please, contrast those photos with some recent photos of her out in public published by a tabloid.

Women age very rapidly and they transform into disgusting monsters. No one wants to see that old bitch other than her grandkids – and no one should have to!

She should not be allowed to just walk around in public like that! It is a crime against the public interest!

Locklear is 59 in those “after” pics.

Now, compare her to 57-year-old Brad Pitt – a male sex symbol from her same generation.

It’s quite a bit different, no?

As in: one is a disgusting beast, and the other is just a normal looking person – correct?

Young women of course create their own problems, and should also of course be banned. All women should be completely and totally banned. They should be forced to remain indoors, and if they must exit their homes, they should be forced to wear the niqab.

This is the only justice.

No one benefits from not banning women – other than women.

Congress must act!

Congress must pass the Anglin Bill and put an end to the plague of women in public – once and for all!