Rebellious Counter-Culture Figure Bansky Raises Money for Soros Army

Pictured: rebels rebelling against the system

There is probably nothing in the universe that disgusts me more than the richest and most powerful people in the world creating fake counter-culture figures who agree with every single aspect of the globalist elite agenda.

It disgusts me more than child rape, if only because these fake counter-culture figures enable child rape by portraying the people doing the child-raping as heroes fighting for justice for Fentanyl Floyd, the hero who once pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach only to be martyred by cops by dying of a drug overdose while resisting arrest after committing a felony.

Bansky supports Soros, Banksy supports Schwab and Gates, Banksy makes globalist elite satanist pedophiles trendy and cool.

The only culture he is countering is the culture that is against vaxer pedophile billionaire bankers and tech oligarchs.


Hundreds of people lined up Saturday in the English city of Bristol to get the latest work by elusive street artist Banksy — a T-shirt created to help four defendants charged over the toppling of a local statue of a slave trader.

The gray shirt features the word Bristol above the empty plinth on which the statue of 17th-century slave merchant Edward Colston long stood, with a rope hanging from it and debris scattered around.

Anti-racism demonstrators pulled down the statue and and dumped it in Bristol harbor in June 2020 amid global protests sparked by the police killing of a Black American man, George Floyd.

Four people have been charged with criminal damage over the statue’s felling and are going on trial next week.

“I’ve made some souvenir shirts to mark the occasion,” Banksy said on social media Friday. “Available from various outlets in the city from tomorrow. All proceeds to the defendants so they can go for a pint.”

Banksy said the T-shirts cost 25 pounds ($33) and are limited to one per customer.

Banksy’s identity has never been confirmed, but he began his career spray-painting walls and bridges in Bristol, a port city in southwest England. Some of his works have sold for millions of dollars at auction.

A true rebel.

Meanwhile, Julian Assange, Alex Jones, and Andrew Anglin are dangerous threats to democracy, supporters of an establishment fascist system that doesn’t exist, and are not even coherent as a spook, because they oppose the richest and most powerful elite, forcing an anti-human agenda on the entire planet.

There is no Soros-funded cause Banksy doesn’t shill. It’s all just the same, same, same distractionist pseudo-socialist pablum* you’re going to get from Hasan Piker and Vaush, drenched in tediously benign irony.

He recently did an Extinction Rebellion painting.

What’s more – Banksy sucks.

Putting aside the fact that he likely doesn’t even exist, the art that is credited to him simply is not the least bit impressive in any way.

Nothing he has ever produced was even remotely good. It is Emperor’s New Clothes post-modern trash marketed as cool by the establishment media.

Let me be a little bit more fair: the very best of it is slightly clever rehashes of stuff that Andy Warhol might have tilted his head at 60 years ago.

I’m not Andy Warhol**, and I do not support him, and this is the only Banksy that ever made me tilt my head.

But I mean – you’re gonna find infinitely better art on any Yandex Image search for “wojak.”

*It is important to understand the distractionist pseudo-socialist pablum branding. This is when the globalist elite market a nonsense version of their own dystopian nightmare agenda as utopian socialism. It’s best represented by Antifa, which Banksy is obviously associated with.

They market as cool and rebellious:

  • Mass immigration
  • Racism hoaxes
  • The gay
  • Global warming
  • Coronavirus tyranny
  • Government dependence
  • etc.

Most braindead goyim support authority because they are just hardwired to support any and all authority on principle. But there is an even more braindead group that believes that it is cool and rebellious to support authority. Banksy is the peak form of the latter.

**I feel pretty confident that if Warhol was alive today, he would be hyper-critical of Banksy as derivative, innocuous, conformist, mechanical, and generally ugly.

Frankly, Warhol, like Chuck Palahniuk, would probably be endorsing me as the relevant and interesting counter-culture icon.

If some Jew journalist said “you know Anglin said you should be stuffed in an oven, right?” he’d say something like, “this would be sort of an interesting experience, I think, I’ve never felt anything like that, and I don’t know much about it, but it sounds fascinating. Flattering, really. A fascinating energy, and I appreciate that sort of thing, though I can’t say I could ever feel close to it, it is more something that you feel a resonance from, and just try to absorb with a part of yourself that you’ve never been very in touch with.”

For all of my Warhol hate, he gave us Nico, which is something six million times better than everything Banksy did combined (even though she wasn’t really very important, the three Chelsea Girl songs Jackson Browne wrote are all immortal).

These Days in particular will always be a part of my life and my journey to Christ.

Maybe it would have been better if Browne had been allowed to produce it himself instead of being meddled with by Warhol (which he later joked about in his easy-going manner). But the album version Warhol managed will be a part of me forever.


Corrosive counter-culture movements were infinitely more interesting when they were actually corroding Christian society instead of dancing on its corpse in the name of billionaire pedophiles who think they’re going to turn themselves into immortal cyborgs. This is primarily or exclusively because those counter-culture figures were actually rebellious, and were simply rebelling against what was there to rebel against. If they lived now, they would be rebelling against Soros, Schwab, and Gates, rather than working for them.