Rebel French Priest Gathers 100,000 Signatures for Resignation of Sodomite Anti-Cardinal

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2018

Rev. Pierre Vignon, Inquisitor

This guy started a petition for his own boss to resign and got 100,000 signatures.

This is his boss:

Sodomite Philippe Barbarin, Archibishop Cardinal of Lyon

I would have a serious question for Rev. Pierre Vignon:

Is this the meaning of “sell your cloak and buy a sword?”, and “turn the other cheek,” etc? Go to war, but when your enemies turn on you, just humiliate them, cast light on them so all the world sees what scum they are?

I mean, look. Fuck books.

The priest who started this looks like a simple, hot-blooded, good-natured guy. The cardinal looks like Johnny English, in a purple dress, clutching a snake.

CBS News:

Judging from the sheaf of letters and cards that Rev. Pierre Vignon is clutching in his soft, plump hands, his uprising has divided churchgoers.

To hate-mailers, the previously anonymous 64-year-old propelled into the spotlight by his online petition launched two weeks ago is an attention-grabbing egomaniac who is courting disaster by taking on the influential archbishop of the southeastern city of Lyon.

But mostly, Vignon says, those writing to him are supportive. They include people who have themselves been abused by predator priests. He plucks one such “thank you” card from the pile and reads out loud.

“Because of you I want to go back to church,” its author wrote. “When I do, I will think of the victims.”

Vignon faults the cardinal’s handling of a notorious alleged pedophile priest suspected of abusing Lyon boy scouts in the 1980s.

Yep, looks like a sodomite to me. I didn’t need no damn books to figure that one out. Quite a rat face we’ve got on this red priest, looks a lot like the last rat-faced red priest with a jew hat from my article a few days ago.

Just how many of these anticardinals are there?

Anyone who looks this evil should be immediately detained by the Inquisition.

Barbarin and other church officials are due in court in January to answer victims’ charges that they were aware of the Lyon priest’s alleged history of abuse and didn’t alert authorities. Barbarin has denied any attempt to cover up the case and has been supported as “brave” by Pope Francis.

Emperor Palpatine of the boy-molesters called Johnny English snakeman “brave” lol. So brave.

Francis, too, is facing resignation calls over accusations by a former Vatican ambassador that he covered up for American ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Further evidence that Rome’s mounting cover-up scandal is going global: Several weeks ago, an Australian bishop was convicted and sentenced to a year of home detention for failing to report a pedophile to police. And a Chilean cardinal was summoned to give testimony in a sex-abuse cover-up investigation.

Vignon says he’s had no indication that Barbarin even read his open letter. In it, the priest of 38 years argued that “we are at one of those crucial hours in history where great acts are required”


After the petition surged past 100,000 signatures, Devaux got an unsolicited call that same evening from a “very, very worried” bishop asking “what can we do?” Devaux wouldn’t name the bishop.

“The church, or some people in the church, high up, are starting to realize how serious the situation is,” he said.


These sodomites have not yet realized how serious the situation is.

They will realize this soon, though.

Virtuous priests such as Rev. Pierre Vignon must form an Inquisition within the church.

This Rebel Inquisition must independently review and adjudicate each and every archbishop and province, each bishop and diocese, each priest and each church.