Real President Trump Posts X-Treme Truth About the Fake News Hoax!

Real President Donald Trump has shared a video on Twitter showing the simple facts of how fake the fake news truly is, and declared that free speech is dead in America.

“Freedom of press is gone, a thing of the past,” explained Trump, when posting a video of many, many talking heads from local news stations across the country reading out the same exact script about “dangers to our democracy.”

Most people know that the national news is promoting deranged, globalist agendas, but assume their local news media is just some guy in an office down the street from them, coming up with what he thinks is the truth about what is happening. That is totally false. In fact, for a very long time, your local news readers have been getting scripts from big international companies, in order to ensure that their narrative is in line with the globalist narrative.

Trump’s clip shows all of these hoaxsters from local news saying that something or other is “extremely dangerous to our democracy,” which is the same sort of nonsense narrative we get from CNN.

Local news is 100% on-board with the agenda. The only people who are not on-board with the agenda are websites like Daily Stormer and Infowars, and you see what happens to us.

Free speech is totally dead. All information now goes through the same channels as all other information, and it is used to shape a false reality narrative for the goyim.