Real President Trump Pardons General Flynn!

Real President Donald Trump has just pardoned General Flynn.

It’s great of course. He deserved to be pardoned. This poor bastard was openly set up by the FBI. They entrapped him and everyone knew they did. They invited him in, told him it was a casual meeting and there was no need for lawyers, then got him to slip up and forget something, and charged him with lying to them.

This was at the center of the entire Russiagate hoax, and he should have been pardoned at the very least when that whole thing was revealed as a hoax. But because he wasn’t going to prison, it wasn’t prioritized.

Obviously, the immediate reaction is going to be: this is something that presidents do at the end of their term.

However, here’s the thing: if he was planning to do martial law, he would want the enemy to think he’s going to concede…

Then when they least expect it, you’ve got special forces soldiers pointing guns at the heads of journalists and screaming the f-word.

I’m not saying that is going to happen and it probably won’t, but right now, the only clear path out of this is for Trump to seize total power and declare himself Supreme Leader by Divine Right. Nothing he is doing now would get in the way of making that happen, and it is in fact in line with that.

We’re praying he does declare martial law.

At which point we can begin the partition of America.

Remember that: we have to partition the country, even if we win. We simply cannot live with these people, and trying to force our will on them would be a chore, and wouldn’t ever really work.