Real President is Finally Riding Hard Against Jewish Subverter Barr

Real President Trump is pushing back hard against William Barr, finally.

He should have done this in April, when Barr allowed for the coronavirus hoax to destroy our civil rights.


President Donald Trump spent his Saturday morning laying into US Attorney General William Barr, branding him a “big disappointment” over the handling of the Hunter Biden probe. Trump added they’ve “just begun” the election fight.

After the Wall Street Journal reported that Barr had known about investigations into projected President-Elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden but sought to keep the news from reaching the American public during the 2020 election, Trump shared a post from conservative commentator Todd Starnes calling for Barr to be “fired by the end of business today.”

“A big disappointment!” Trump commented. “If Biden gets in, nothing will happen to Hunter or Joe. Barr will do nothing, and the new group of partisan killers coming in will quickly kill it all.”

“Same thing with Durham. We caught them cold, spying, treason & more (the hard part), but ‘Justice’ took too long. Will be DOA!” he went on, referring to allegations that the Obama administration had spied on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

He’s putting this all mildly.

I do wonder what he meant by this.

It still feels to me like he has a plan.

But the rejection of the Texas case by SCOTUS – which was only possible due to Barr’s claim that there was no evidence of fraud – means that the fight is effectively over, in terms of the fight to prevent Biden from being legally installed in power.

What remains is simply the ability to declare a national emergency and shut down the civilian government.

That is within his power, legally. It’s up to his discretion.

I think he should do it at the rally on Sunday.

History’s Greatest Criminal

Thus far, William Barr has:

  • Allowed Jeffrey Epstein to die in custody
  • Refused to investigate how Epstein died
  • Refused to explain what was found in Epstein’s house (there was a safe full of sex videos, according to media reports and the FBI, which we never heard another thing about)
  • Allowed Black Lives Matter to riot in every major city, for months, while refusing to prosecute anyone
  • Allowed Antifa to tear down historic statues across the country
  • Refused to protect historic statues on federal land
  • Allowed states to strip their populations of the most basic and fundamental civil rights, for months on end (still ongoing now)
  • Made the prosecution of Julian Assange central to his agenda
  • Refused to press charges against Barack Obama, or any member of his administration, or Robert Mueller, or any member of his team, after it was proven that the Russian conspiracy was hoaxed from the beginning by Obama and the intelligence agencies
  • Claimed that there was no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election
  • Hid an ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden for two years, waiting until after the election to inform the public

He has managed to do all of this while being celebrated by the conservative media.

After all, he said not all cops are evil.

He said it was bad to shut down churches.

He said spying on Trump was bad.

He didn’t do anything about any of it.

But he said it.

And that was good enough for Sean.

And if it’s good enough for Sean, it’s good enough for America.