Real President Holds Rally in Georgia and Magic Ensues

Real President Trump appeared in Dalton, Georgia on Monday night, and it was magical.

I don’t agree with President Trump about voting in the Georgia election, as I’ve made clear.

I don’t really believe he believes it either, frankly, based on many statements he’s made, including statements calling the entire election illegitimate, illegal and invalid.

But I did enjoy seeing him return to form at the rally on Monday night (full video above).

Look at this crowd:

I don’t think they were there to see that Open Borders Perdue guy or that greasy skank.

The people want Trump.

No one cares about the Republicans anymore.

For those without time to watch the whole thing, here are the choice clips from Trump’s own timeline.

Remember: the Wednesday rally in DC is going to be something much bigger than this.

In fact, it is going to be the biggest rally ever in history.

If you’re not there, then something is deeply, spiritually wrong with you.

We have to fight.