Real President Again Assures the People: WE WILL WIN!

The Real President, a man known as DONALD J. TRUMP, is still on Twitter saying that the supposed 2020 election victory by Joe Biden is a completely baseless conspiracy theory invented by the lying Democrat media.

In a post late Sunday night, he repeated these proven facts, and reiterated that we are going to win this election.

In fact, we already did win the election. But he’s talking about the eternal election – the election of the spirit.

We already won the battle. Now it’s time to win the war.

There is zero chance that Real President would simply be out there messing around. If we weren’t going to win, he wouldn’t be saying we’re going to win.

There is evidence that Trump won every state. New evidence is coming in, making it clear that he won California.

The Kraken is coming.

We’re letting it loose.

There’s no turning back now.

Six million Trump votes were gassed by Jewish Democrat hackers.

But the media is run by Jewish Trump Vote Holocaust denialists with a brutal anti-white agenda.

We’re digging up their ashes, proving it once and for all.

The party is over for the Jews.

Jesus Christ has judged them, and He will reign supreme.