Real President Accurately Declares the Georgia Senate Race Illegal and Invalid

Real President Donald Trump, who won the presidential election in November by a lot, has declared that the upcoming fake Senate elections in Georgia are illegal and invalid. This is obviously true, and confirmed by many intelligent and tapped-in individuals who are very smart.

Some people might have difficulty understanding what that means, but it’s very simple:

  • State legislatures are in charge of state elections, but the Georgia state legislature did not have any role in legalizing this massive vote-by-mail scheme, thus any election using this scheme is illegal.
  • The ridiculous¬†consent decree, which made it impossible to match signatures on Georgia votes, was illegal. It was designed by the Jewish law firm Perkins Coie, and drawn up by the vicious Jew lawyer Marc Elias (Democrat Jew who hired Fusion GPS to hoax the Pissgate file), and signed by the brutal governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, in March of 2020, without oversight by anyone. It was a scheme rushed through the backdoor in the midst of coronavirus chaos to enable mass fraud.
  • This means that the Georgia 2020 presidential vote is invalid, as is this current Senate run-off race.

It’s unfortunate that Real President couldn’t find an easier way to word this, but I can’t really think of an easier way to word it myself. Actually, I probably could, technically, if someone gave me 45 minutes or so to put the information in a 3 tweet format, but I’m not allowed to work for the President because of the lies of these Christ-murdering Jews, so it doesn’t really matter.

The point is: we are living under a totally illegitimate regime, which is operating elections completely illegally, using a vote-by-mail conspiracy to allow themselves to create whatever election results they wish to create.

This is why I am telling you, whatever you do: DO. NOT. VOTE.

Unless there are state elections for secession, that are done 100% in person, then you should be ready to never, ever vote again. If you do vote, you are effectively giving consent to be ruled by this system.

Our goal needs to be to get everyone off of the voting system, which will then allow us to start figuring out another way to change this system. I don’t know what that is going to look like, yet. But I know that the first step of whatever comes next is to withdraw consent. From that point, we will figure it out.