REAL NEWS: Take the Vax or Covid Will KILL YOUR DICK!

The Science finally figured out what this means

Yet another reason to take the vaccine.

But remember: the first two vaccines don’t do anything, and the third one probably doesn’t do much of anything, according to their manufacturer. So what you really need is the fourth vaccine that is coming out in March – that is, if you want to save your dick.

The thing is: you should go ahead and get these first three vaccines that don’t work anyway, just to be safe and be ready for the real life-saving vaccine coming this March.


Doctors have warned that catching Covid-19 can affect penis size and ability to become erect.

It comes after a man in his 30s described how he lost 1.5 inches in length after contracting the disease six months ago.

The man says the problem has still not resolved and both his ‘length and girth’ have reduced.

Writing into the podcast How To Do It, he said that he had been very unwell with the virus in the summer of 2021.

‘When I got out of the hospital, I had some erectile dysfunction issues,’ he said.

‘Those gradually got better with some medical attention, but I seemed to be left with a lasting problem.’

He said that before catching Covid, he was ‘not huge, but definitely bigger than normal’.

But ‘now I’ve lost about an inch and a half and become decidedly less than average’.

He wrote into the sex advice podcast to ask if they had any pointers on coming to terms with his changed body as he had suffered a loss of confidence, fearing that the loss was irreversible.

Two doctors were also interviewed on the podcast and were asked if this was something that was a recognised symptom of coronavirus.

They responded that ‘Covid d***’ was indeed a real thing, though they said that there could be ways to treat it.

The issue has not been extensively discussed in the media until the man’s comments, but in May last year a study was published that linked severe erectile dysfuntion with Covid-19.

Researchers found the virus could be found in penises ‘long after the initial infection’ and suggested that ‘widespread endothelial cell dysfunction from Covid-19 infection can contribute to ED’.

A separate study published in March last year prompted authors to urge ‘Mask up to keep it up’.

They surveyed 100 Italian men, 75 of whom had contracted Covid-19 and 25 who hadn’t.

Those who had caught Covid appeared significantly more likely to experience ED (28%) compared to those who hadn’t (9.33%).

Researchers concluded that ‘erectile dysfunction, as the hallmark of endothelial dysfunction, could be a short- or long-term complication of Covid-19’.

In October 21, a group of urologists joined together to make a video warning of the risks, and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

‘Do it for your penis,’ they urged.

Erectile dysfunction is known to affect penis size if it is due to physical rather than psychological factors, as it prevents the organ from stretching out fully.

This is why some can find themselves with shrinkage after Covid – while some went the other way and suffered from priapism due to the virus, which is a prolonged erection which can be dangerous.

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