REAL NEWS: Militia Groups Were Planning to KIDNAP Michigan Ultra-Cunt!

The FBI has just done a sting on some Michigan “Boogaloo Boys,” which they claim were plotting to kidnap the Governor of Michigan and put her on a citizens’ trial for treason in response to her totally illegal and criminal lockdown of the state.

The governor, referred to by many as “The Ultra-Cunt,” took away everyone in the state’s freedoms in response to the coronavirus, a mild flu which the media and government have claimed is “a pandemic.”

CNN has a very detailed report on the event, including the involvement of the FBI in this weird entrapment scheme.


Thirteen people were charged Thursday in an alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, federal and state officials announced.

The alleged scheme included plans to overthrow several state governments that the suspects “believe are violating the US Constitution,” including the government of Michigan and Whitmer, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Six people were charged federally with conspiracy to kidnap, and seven other people, associated with the militia group “Wolverine Watchmen,” were charged by the state, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced.

“The individuals in (state) custody are suspected to have attempted to identify the home addresses of law enforcement officers in order to target them, made threats of violence intended to instigate a civil war, and engaged in planning and training for an operation to attack the capitol building of Michigan and to kidnap government officials, including the governor of Michigan,” Nessel said at a press conference.

The arrests are likely to draw additional attention to the political tensions roiling the nation in the closing weeks of the 2020 election season, and underline warnings from law enforcement officials, members of Congress and groups that track extremism about the increasing threat of extremist and far-right groups. Whitmer at times has been the focus of extreme vitriol from far-right groups over her handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” on Thursday night, Whitmer thanked law enforcement for making the arrests.

“This is unlike anything we have seen before. The brave men and women of these two police organizations put their lives on the line to keep me and my family safe,” she said. “I’m incredibly grateful and humbled by the work they do.”

In televised remarks Thursday afternoon, Whitmer said she “knew this job would be hard, but I’ll be honest, I never could’ve imagined anything like this.” She specifically blamed President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly declined to condemn far-right groups.

“Just last week, the President of the United States stood before the American people and refused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups like these two Michigan militia groups,” she said. “‘Stand back and stand by,’ he told them. ‘Stand back and stand by.’ Hate groups heard the President’s words not as a rebuke, but as a rallying cry, as a call to action. When our leaders speak, their words matter. They carry weight.”

In response, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Whitmer is “sowing division.”

“President Trump has continually condemned white supremacists and all forms of hate,” McEnany said in a statement to CNN. “Governor Whitmer is sowing division by making these outlandish allegations. America stands united against hate and in support of our federal law enforcement who stopped this plot.”

The six charged by the federal government are Michigan residents Adam Fox, 37, Ty Garbin, 24, Kaleb Franks, 26, Daniel Harris, 23, Brandon Caserta, 32, and Delaware resident Barry Croft, 44.

The seven people charged by the state are Paul Bellar, 21, Shawn Fix, 38, Eric Molitor, 36, Michael Null, 38, William Null, 38, Pete Musico, 42, Joseph Morrison, 42. They face a variety of firearm and terror charges.

If this sounds like a bunch of poor, dumb guys were ensnared in an FBI scheme – well, that’s because that’s exactly what happened.

It isn’t until paragraph #14 of this CNN article that we learn of the involvement of the FBI, but they fully admit that no such “kidnapping plot” existed before the FBI sent in their informants to start talking crazy to these guys.

The FBI became aware of the scheme, first reported by The Detroit News, in early 2020 through a social media group of individuals, according to the federal criminal complaint.

Court documents say the FBI planted a confidential informant to travel to Dublin, Ohio, on June 6 for a meeting with Croft, Fox and about 13 others.

“They discussed different ways of achieving this goal from peaceful endeavors to violent actions … Several members talked about murdering ‘tyrants’ or ‘taking’ a sitting governor,” according to the complaint.

At one point during the meeting, the group discussed increasing their members and Fox reached out to a “Michigan-based militia group,” according to the complaint.

By June 14, a second confidential informant confirmed that Fox was introduced to the leader of the group and they met in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The informant audio-recorded conversations with Fox in which he allegedly said he needed “200 men” to storm the Capitol building in Lansing and take hostages, including Whitmer, according to the criminal complaint.

Ethical media would have of course led with the fact that the FBI set this whole thing up. But CNN and the rest of the Jewish media is de facto FBI media, as it is a part of the Democrat Party, and the FBI also belongs to that organization.

This is a totally classic case of the FBI targeting a group that they do not like, and sending in informants to start talking crazy – and all of that is transparent in this CNN article.

Fox allegedly explained they would try the governor of Michigan for “treason” and he said they would execute the plan before the November 2020 elections.

On June 20, Fox, Garbin and others met at Fox’s business in Grand Rapids where attendees met in the basement accessed by a trap door hidden under a rug on the main floor, according to the criminal complaint. Attendees turned over their cell phones, which were brought upstairs to “prevent any monitoring.”

The attendees discussed plans for assaulting the Michigan State Capitol, countering law enforcement first responders, and using ‘Molotov cocktails’ to destroy police vehicles. The attendees also discussed plans for an additional meeting during the first weekend of July when they also would conduct firearms and tactical training,” according to the criminal complaint.

In a video Fox live-streamed to a private Facebook group that included a confidential informant, he complained about the judicial system and the state of Michigan controlling the opening of gyms.

Fox referred to Whitmer as “this tyrant b****,” adding, “I don’t know, boys, we gotta do something. You guys link with me on our other location system, give me some ideas of what we can do,” according to authorities. The video was preserved by the FBI and a Facebook spokesperson told CNN the company is cooperating with the investigation.

The conspirators conducted surveillance of Whitmer’s vacation home on two occasions in late August and September, the complaint said. Croft and Fox discussed detonating explosive devices to divert police from the vacation home area, according to the FBI.

Earlier this month, Fox confirmed to others in the group that he purchased a taser, which he had previously discussed doing so for use in the kidnapping plot, the court document says. The FBI said Fox, Garbin, Harris and Franks had planned to meet on Tuesday to pay for explosives and swap tactical gear.

Yes, the informants set them up to buy explosives.

This is just a totally classic case. They have spent twenty years doing this to dumb Moslems, now they’re doing it to you.

The arrests were part of a planned effort in concert with state authorities, and not in response to any imminent urgent or dangerous development, the source said. The suspects remained under surveillance while federal authorities crafted arrest plans and moved the necessary resources into the state.

Because of the complexity of the operation and the likelihood the suspects could be armed and dangerous, at least seven FBI field offices around the country, as well as operational divisions from the bureau’s headquarters in Washington, dispatched resources to execute either search or arrests warrants at approximately a dozen sites, the source said. The surge of resources included SWAT agents, technical exploitation personnel and evidence technicians.

During the course of the undercover investigation, as soon as the FBI identified a potential threat to the Michigan governor, federal agents contacted the governor’s security detail in order to make them aware of the potential threat, the law enforcement source said. Periodic updates were provided to the governor’s security detail, although the security detail was not part of the investigative team, the source said.

Authorities believe several of the suspects arrested in the alleged plot are supporters of the Boogaloo movement, a law enforcement source involved in the investigation told CNN.

The source noted that the domestic terrorism investigation being worked by the FBI has uncovered significant anti-government beliefs among the group members but not widespread racial animus or White supremacist-style ideologies. The connection to the Boogaloo movement was first reported by NBC News.

As CNN has previously reported, the Boogaloos are an emerging incarnation of extremism that seems to defy easy categorization. Boogaloo members appear to hold conflicting ideological views, with some identifying as anarchists and others rejecting formal titles. Some pockets of the group have espoused White supremacy while others reject it.

As I’ve explained in some detail here on the Daily Stormer, it is my impression that the Boogaloo movement itself was a creation of the FBI and possibly other intelligence agencies. The movement emerged right on cue, and was based on unfunny memes about killing cops which were spammed all over 4chan and social media.

These memes were horrible, and many of them were also memes that if someone posted under normal times, they would get an FBI visit. But they were just posted everywhere.

It appears that the FBI had a plan to manufacture “domestic terrorists,” so they did so from scratch by flooding the internet with these horrible memes, and giving the impression that it was somehow okay to publicly talk on the internet about killing cops or committing other acts of violence.

The first time I ever saw the word “Boogaloo” in this context, it was being posted on Twitter by known FBI assets in the “neo-Nazi” movement. It was just completely astroturfed, across the entire internet. Then they started holding these weird events.

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Despite the fact that “neo-Nazi” assets were promoting the meme, the Boogaloo group is virulently anti-racist, which makes their views garbled and confusing. It seems to me that it is only sustainable via a complex intelligence agency network of weird propaganda, along with on the ground agents infiltrating these groups and giving them inspiring speeches.

That said, I tend to doubt that any significant number of the people involved in this particular group agreed to this plot. More than likely what happened is that the FBI laid out the plan, then finally got some of these people to nod along, at which point, they were raided and accused of all of these things.

This scheme comes after the FBI entrapped other Boogaloo Boys in a scheme to send money to the Islamic group Hamas.

Understand: William Barr’s Justice Department is now using the full intelligence machine that was perfected to entrap Moslems against you, White America. 

You cannot be involved in these groups. It just simply is not possible. They have an infinite budget to send in as many of these agents as need be, and they will find someone in your group who is dumb enough to say, “hey yeah, you’re right – let’s buy some bomb-making supplies!”

If they can’t get someone to say that, they will have one of their own agents say it.

This is a fully developed methodology that they use to frame people for fake terrorism, and if you are just a bunch of normal people who love America getting together in a group, they will send in agents, and the next thing you know there’s a SWAT team kicking in your door and your face is all over CNN, and you’re being called a “domestic terrorist.”

Trump Blamed

Whitmer of course blamed Donald Trump for this.

This cunt sure is feeling good about being the center of attention, I will tell you that.

The fact that the FBI set up this plot before the election is yet another situation of election-meddling by the very same FBI which this week was confirmed to have executed the biggest political conspiracy in the history of the world in the form of the Russiagate hoax.

CNN actually had the nerve to bring on Andrew McCabe, one of the key figures involved in the Russiagate hoax, to talk about how this Michigan hoax was really, really real – and Trump’s fault.

The level of corruption involved here is comical, but the average person is simply too battered, traumatized and confused to understand what is going on.

These are very dire times, folks. These government people are totally and completely out of control, and they absolutely are coming for all of us.