Real Blacks Blow Air Into Cows’ Anuses, Shower in Urine, Rub Dung on Their Faces

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2020

Blacks in their natural habitat are peculiar animals.

They live kinda like chimpanzees, but not quite.

They are capable of using clothing-like items on themselves, but not quite.

They figure out how to benefit from other animals, but not quite.

They are kinda like humans, but not quite.

Daily Mail:

A boy squirts milk into his mouth straight from a cow’s udder and another lovingly caresses a bull’s horn – meet the cattle-revering Mundari tribe of South Sudan.

Photographer Mario Gerth, 42, captured their daily lives in this spectacular set of images after spending three months living among them.

Their lives are so intimately entwined with their cattle they even shower under the animals’ urine because they believe it protects them against infections.

In one photograph, a boy can be seen blowing air up a cow’s bottom to stimulate milk production.

Lips don’t lie.

Blacks, while in their natural habitat, are known to blow air into cows’ anuses.

Black scientists have developed the controversial technique while looking to increase milk production.

They have also figured out that they can wash themselves with cow urine, because cow urine is cleaner than they are.

Cow dung is also cleaner than they are, and on top of that, useful to keep mosquitoes away, so they cover their faces in it.

This kind of age-old wisdom has been lost in whites, which is one reason why whites are responsible for the planet being warmed to death, koalas dying and stuff.

Blacks live in harmony with nature, because they literally live covered in piss and dung — and what’s more natural than piss and dung?

It’s time to give up sewers, showers, water treatment systems, clothing, toilets, cars, planes, houses and buildings taller than a person, meat and all of the climate-changing foods, and pretty much everything whites have ever done.

The only way to save the planet from having a weather that isn’t exactly what we think it should be is to embrace blackness.