Ready Yourself to Live with Coronavirus Restrictions “For the Foreseeable Future,” WHO Says

Dr. Takeshi Kasai, WHO regional director for the Western Pacific

Do you like this new way of living?

Do you like being told that you’re not allowed to leave your home for anything other than buying food essentials?

Do you like being forced to stay away from your friends, family, and loved ones?

Do you like not working and not having money?

The WHO has a message for you: get used to it.

Daily Mail:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said rushing to ease coronavirus restrictions will likely lead to a resurgence of the illness.

The warning comes as governments across the world start rolling out plans to get their economies up and running again.

Dr Takeshi Kasai, the WHO regional director for the Western Pacific, said: ‘This is not the time to be lax. Instead, we need to ready ourselves for a new way of living for the foreseeable future.’

He said governments must remain vigilant to stop the spread of the virus and the lifting of lockdowns and other social distancing measures must be done gradually and strike the right balance between keeping people healthy and allowing economies to function.

They’re not even attempting to give people an estimate anymore and are flat-out saying that this lockdown and social distancing combination is here to stay.

You are now a prisoner.

Once the lockdown starts getting lifted, people will only be allowed to go to work.

Everything else will be basically the same.

They will allow the few people who still have jobs to go back to work while still pretty much living under lockdown.

Social gatherings will most likely still be banned and clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, and virtually every place where people can interact with one another will continue to be closed, because we can’t risk people catching a deadly virus.

Your life, as you knew it, is gone forever.

The next stage of this plan is going to leave you begging for Mad Max.