Re-Sentencing Begins for Nagger Serial Killer Who Raped and Killed 13-Year-Old White Girl

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2018

Anthony Kirkland.

There is not enough storage space on the internet to contain the words needed to express how much I hate naggers.

Fox News:

Should a convicted serial killer who raped and burned his victims live or die?

Jurors in the Anthony Kirkland re-sentencing trial heard arguments from both sides as testimony got underway Wednesday.

Kirkland, 49, was convicted in a 2010 jury trial of the murders of two girls and two women: Esme Kenney, 13, Casonya Crawford, 14, Kimya Rolison, 25 and Mary Jo Newton, 45.

Esme was the last person he killed and it was her brutal rape and killing that finally led to police charging Kirkland with multiple murders to keep him locked up for good.

He was sentenced to life in prison for the women’s murders and then sentenced to death for what he did to the girls.

Esme Kenny.