Razer’s Blinking Face Masks are Not a Good Sign

All this means is what we’ve been saying – this is never going to end.

Masks are a permanent fixture of Western life.


Razer’s Project Hazel RGB face mask is officially called Zephyr, and the company is now accepting community sign-ups that will give those interested a chance to test it out before its release.

Razer shared the news on Twitter, confirming that the Razer Zephyr is the latest evolution of its wearable air purifier.

Zephyr is designed to be “safe, social and sustainable,” and it also “sports 99% BFE, a secure silicon face seal and anti-fog coating.” For those interested in signing up, all you have to do is go to the Community Beta Test page and enter your name, country, e-mail, social media, and a brief explainer of why you’d like to be part of the test.

Razer first unveiled this RGB face mask concept at CES 2021 in January, and it confirmed that it was becoming a real product in March 2021. Razer Zephyr is still slated to release this year, but Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan warned that there would be limited quantities of the mask “from the getgo.”

Fortunately, Razer is planning on implementing a “sales by drops” strategy, meaning it will have a database of those interested in purchasing one and will let them know when units become available once again.

It’s still totally unclear why people are going along with this.

I don’t meet anyone who still believes in this virus hoax.

I guess they wouldn’t be in my circles, but I’m certain that the believers are less than 40% of the population.

People really should have refused to cooperate with this.