Ratty CNN Cuban “Jim Acosta” Gets Deported from Yang Town

The ratty Mexican “Jim Acosta” was violently deported from Yang Town on orders of Mayor Andrew Yang, an Epic Sino-Friend.

Acosta had accosted the Friendly Sino Mayor because the latter had talked to Tucker Carlson, and developed a Sino-Friendship with him. Acosta, feeling very emotional and looking like a mess, told Mayor Yang that Carlson is “a bad person” because he is white.

Not stopping there, Acosta bizarrely claimed that people should not ever quote the philosopher Ted Kaczynski. Acosta’s beef with the acclaimed and brilliant thinker “Uncle Ted” appears to be that he is also white.

Yang was made confused, and his feelings felt hurt, after being abused by Acosta’s vicious hatred.

Acosta’s underlying value appears to be that all white people are evil, and should not be allowed to talk. Nonwhites, such as the Sino Friend Yang, can become evil by being tainted by the evil of whites. However, Acosta himself, a Cuban, has a white Irish mother. How can he reckon with the evil within himself?

Barack Obama ran into that problem and he had to do a voodoo ritual to cleanse himself of the whiteness.

Sage Steel, who like Obama and Jim Acosta had a whore white mother, recently claimed that it was impossible to cleanse yourself of your white genetics.

The Chinese spy and intelligent politician Andrew Yang is the kind of Sino Friend who is going to rule us after America collapses. They will be friendly and reasonable and they will not hate us like our current rulers.

I would not switch my race if I could. But the point is, I cannot. Tucker Carlson and Ted Kaczynski cannot change their races. No white person can change their race. Certainly, many white people of today would change their race, simply to avoid the abuses and hatred that you must suffer for being white in a country like America, where hatred for whites is official government policy.

But no one can change their race.

Claiming that someone is evil for something that they cannot change creates a non-viable situation, where the only way to fix the evil is to kill us all. From what I have seen, the people in this government and media want to actually kill all of us.

That’s what Sino-Friendship is really all about: not being hated and killed for being white.

Mayor Yang has started a new political party. I don’t know what all of his views are, but I do know that he doesn’t hate me for being white, unlike people like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

As you know, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy also hate whites and want to replace them.

These Republicans are also trying to vax us all the way to the pit.

The only leaders we see anywhere who are respectful to whites are the Chinese.

That’s why I will vote Chinese straight down the line on my ballot, as my interests are best represented by the Chinese.

Unfortunately, as a result of rampant ridiculousness in the voting system, it will be impossible to vote for Chinese rulership.