#RatfuckerJack Went to Auschwitz to Try and Emotionally Manipulate Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

As I have explained in some detail, Jack Posobiec is a ratfucker, who attempts to use lies and dirty tricks to promote his own political agenda, which is tied to the agenda of the Jewish man behind the curtain Ezra Levant.

After being put on the ADL’s hitlist, he literally flew to Auschwitz to film a video claiming that the ADL Jews are like the Nazis and are going to commit a new Holocaust.

Posobiec did some good dirty tricks during the election, but he is now way out of his depth with this one.

You can’t out lie the Jews.

Which is why I have argued that the best propaganda is always the truth.

It might be too late for #RatfuckerJack to learn that particular lesson.

He should have went to the grave of Leo Frank and explained that the ADL was founded with the mission of ensuring the ability of Jews to rape and murder goyim.