“Ratfucker” Jack Posobiec Urges People to Donate to Heather Heyer Fund

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2018

Posting the screenshot. Because he could be banned at any moment, despite the kikesucking.

“Ratfucker” Jack Posobiec, a fake news hoaxster and member of the Alt-Lite, posted – and pinned – a tweet for the anniversary of Charlottesville urging to stupid goyim to donate to “The Heather Heyer Scholarship Foundation.”

You were on Alex Jones’ show, Jack. It’s all over for you now.

As you may remember, Heather Heyer is a morbidly obese woman who had a heart attack after a car accident during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on August 12th of last year.

Despite the fact that she was not hit by a car, and died of a heart attack, as her own mother stated and as video footage of the event attests to, the driver of the car is being accused of “murder” because he allegedly caused her to have the heart attack by making a ruckus with his car after it was attacked with bats by antifa.

Heart attack: 

Not hit by car: 

Fields’ car hit with bats before accelerating: 

Antifa and BLM hitting random cars with bats minutes before the accident: 

And no – “The Heather Heyer Scholarship Foundation” is not an obesity awareness group. It is some kind of antifa money scheme to push “social justice” created by her fat mother, who despite her daughter’s death from an obesity-related heart attack, has not been motivated to lose weight.

It is pathetic and hilarious to see Ratfucker Jack making a big display about how he’s sad about and supportive of a dead antifa lard-beast. Apparently, this stupid kikesucker believes that he can be a “right wing” figure and if he sucks kike cock hard enough, can maintain a place on social media.

This is incorrect.

Alex Jones never said the word Jew, and was banned from everything. He’s even been banned from Disqus now.

Posobiec once went to Auschwitz to try to emotionally manipulate the Jews.

Ratfuckers own followers – on the now entirely censored NuTwitter – were not amused by the bizarre call to donate to communist revolutionaries.

He appears to be borderline retarded, which is why he believes he can just make things up and claim to have sources on it and have no one notice.

Everyone is getting wigged-out with Jones being banned, so they think they can weasel around it.

They cannot.

Everyone is getting banned. If you have a business model that is based on social media, and you are any kind of Trump-supporter – even as milquetoast as Posobiec and Mike Cernovich – you’re getting banned.

All of these people had the option of standing with me when I was banned a year ago. But they decided not to. Now all of them are using my same arguments – that the internet has to be regulated as a public utility – as they scurry to deal with the fact that they’re next.

I hope they win. I want my shit back too. But they are going to win or not win. They aren’t going to kikesuck their way to avoiding a ban.

The Warner Plan

The Democrat plan, as was recently leaked, is to ban absolutely everyone who supports Trump from the internet completely.

Here’s that full paper in PDF format.

It was written by the lunatic Mark Warner, who is astonishingly not Jewish, but may be some kind of reptoid in human skin.

The document basically states that all information on all media platforms has to be regulated by a private body run by Democrats. It is totally insane.

And it is either going to happen or not. It is already happening.

So: it’s all or nothing. Either the internet will be free, or everyone is getting banned from everything, and DS will be the only right wing site with the ability to stay online, because we have weev.

Sorry, Jack.

There is no circumcised cock to hide under.

You can’t suck your way out of this one.