Rat Lord George Soros Demands Higher Taxes for Himself, Avoids the Existing Ones

Daily Stormer
November 17, 2017

The Doctor Doom wannabe Soros signed some letter along with other billionaires asking for his taxes to be increased. The thing is – he’s not even paying the taxes he’s supposed to right now.


George Soros has joined a petition to scrap tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. But the billionaire prefers Ireland, where his hedge fund paid just $962 in taxes in 2013, according to Bloomberg.

The guy is worth more than some countries… And he paid 962$ in taxes, all the while telling stupid goyim to pay more and openly subverting dozens of countries around the world.

The letter, signed, among others, by George Soros and Steven Rockefeller, says the proposal “would lead to deep cuts in critical services such as education, Medicare, and Medicaid, and would hamper our nation’s ability to restore investments in our people and communities.”

Typical kikes, destroying everything around you and then pretending to care about it. There is no creature on this earth more hypocritical than the Jew.

And I’m sure the goyim ones are doing the same, don’t worry.

The signatories are among the highest earning five percent of Americans, who have $1.5 million in assets or who are making $250,000 or more a year.

The proposed cuts are part of President Donald Trump’s program aimed to spur growth and jobs in the country. They would add at least $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the current national debt. This deficit “would leave us unable to meet our country’s current needs and restrict us in advancing any future investments,” the letter said.

If the Jews stopped jewing everything, that would be more than enough. No matter how many you waste on dem programz, it’s not gonna turn Detroit back into a livable city, and it certainly won’t help with anything in the long run. The only things that can help America and the world advance is the complete extermination of muds, sexual degenerates, feminists and the kikes that hold all of their leashes.

One of the rich who signed the document is George Soros, who has always said wealthy people should pay more taxes. However, he prefers not to pay taxes in the United States, but in countries with more favorable tax laws.

In 2015 Bloomberg reported that Soros’ hedge fund paid $962 in tax in Ireland on $3,851 net income through 2013, while the remaining $7.2 billion operating income was allocated to investors.

Don’t worry goyim, all that money that wasn’t taxed was wisely spent on promoting faggotry, dick-cutting, abortion, mass immigration of monkey people  and every other thing that makes your life miserable.

A year later, Soros shut down the Irish company and set up another in the tax-friendly Caymans.

By the time the new company in the Caymans was created, Soros had reportedly funneled $13.3 billion in fees, which means he had dodged almost $7 billion in taxes if his business had been entirely located in the United States.

Now, to be clear – I’m not saying that I care that the US or any other government is being ripped off of some shekels, quite the contrary. Every government in the Western world today is actively trying to exterminate the White race, and as such any act that harms them in any way is a good thing.

If you’re cheating on your taxes, even with a loaf of bread’s worth of money, you are a good and honorable man.

But the sheer abandon with which these kikes do literally the opposite of everything they say is astounding.

Either these vermin are completely incapable of understanding how the internet works, or they’ve gotten lazy to the point where they don’t even try to hide the man-shaped filth that they are.

In either case, the solution will not be a fiscal one, but a racial one.

Increasing or lowering taxes won’t do shit to solve anyone’s problems.

Only destroying the root of the problems can solve anything.

And the root of most problems is the Jew.