Rat John Kelly Emerges from Shadows to Stab Real President in the Back!

Pictured: John Kelly emerges from the shadows of a back hallway – and he’s got a knife!

You knew this sonovabitch was going to be the first major former member of the Trump Administration to sink the knife in his back.

(Actually, I guess John Bolton was the first, but that doesn’t really count because he’d been on a rampage against the President for like two years.)


President-elect Joe Biden should start receiving intelligence briefings, and the delay in allowing the transition to officially get started is damaging U.S. national security, President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly told POLITICO in an exclusive interview.

“You lose a lot if the transition is delayed because the new people are not allowed to get their head in the game,” Kelly said Friday. “The president, with all due respect, does not have to concede. But it’s about the nation. It hurts our national security because the people who should be getting [up to speed], it’s not a process where you go from zero to 1,000 miles per hour.”

“Mr. Trump doesn’t have to concede if he doesn’t want to, I guess, until the full election process is complete. But there’s nothing wrong with starting the transition, starting to get people like the national security people, obviously the president and the vice president-elect, if they are in fact elected, to start getting them [up to speed] on the intelligence,” he said.

Kelly, a retired four-star Marine Corps general, served as Trump’s chief of staff from July 2017 to early Jan. 2019. Trump lost patience with his strict management style and Kelly grew exasperated trying to put guardrails around the president.

Kelly said that starting transition intelligence briefings early is key because it’s a gradual process.

“The transition, in the national security realm in particular and the homeland security realm, is just so important that every day that the transition is delayed really kind of handicaps” the new team, he said.

A number of prominent Senate Republicans including Sens. James Lankford (Okla.), Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Roy Blunt (Mo.) have also called for Biden to start getting briefings.

“I think it’s crazy not to” start the transition, Kelly said. “I know Mr. Trump better than most people do. I know that he’ll never accept defeat and, in fact, he doesn’t have to accept defeat here. He just has to do what’s best for the country and in the country’s interest.”

Yes, we have to protect national security.

You see, Jews invited millions of Moslems to come live in our country, and many of them are plotting to kill us. Donald Trump, the sonovabitch, is helping Moslem terrorists by refusing to give Joe Biden this info.

Furthermore, we have soldiers stationed in 150 countries around the world. Donald Trump is putting every single one of their lives at risk by not giving Joe Biden the information he needs to protect them.

That is what this actually means when John Kelly says: “Donald Trump is putting national security at risk.”

Why did the Jews bring all of these Moslems into our country?

Why do we have soldiers stationed in 150 countries?

That’s not the point! Those questions are like the trinity – they’re a divine mystery!

The point is, Joe Biden needs information in order to protect these Americans, and Donald Trump is refusing to give it! He wants Americans to die!

Do you know who else wanted people to die?

Adolf Hitler.