Rashida Tlaib Says Cunt Patrol Killed Good Boy on Purpose! Secret Non-Accidental Racist Murder!

I know my coverage of the aftermath of the Epic Showdown between Good Boy and Cunt Patrol is lacking today.

I wrote a lot yesterday, but today I had to cover the Tucker Carlson nuking of Israel, as well as write a long thing about what these new race riots imply for you, personally.

But I mean – you know where to find videos of riots. I’ll try to post them, with commentary, as this situation develops. But 85% of the internet is on riot patrol.

What I did do was write a witty satire piece about Kamala Harris’ comments on it – because that is important.

Rashida Tlaib’s comment, which is along the same lines as Harris’ but much more extreme, is also important.

You can’t watch that video and think it wasn’t an accident. That is just a ridiculous lie.

Claiming that the woman wanted to kill Doo-Auntay because she hated his skin, but just pretended to accidentally pull a taser? Just like the Harris comment, this is obviously giving blacks an excuse for violence.

These people are fomenting chaos on purpose. This year’s riots are going to be a lot worse than last year’s.

Some right-wingers claimed that Democrats wouldn’t allow the riots – but of course they are going to allow the riots. I never actually understood the logic of that assertion, given that the riots started under Barack Obama.

But now, there isn’t any question: fomenting riots is an open goal of the party.

So, what does that mean?

Well, it means it is part of their longer term agenda, which has a lot of moving parts. Those moving parts need to be analyzed, which is something I will continue to do.

It definitely means that they are using this for a purpose. Which in some ways nullifies the claim that black riots are good for white people – but in other ways, maybe not.

These riots do polarize the population, which is something the Democrats want, but something that I also want. So you can see an upside.

However, it is important to understand that they are very much doing this on purpose.

If they didn’t want riots, they wouldn’t have to crush the riots after they start – they could just instead not start them at all. The Democrat Party and the media are the same entity.

Moreover, these Antifa forces, which are the ones that propagate the riots, are all run by the FBI. They were bussed in to riot last night.

Antifa attacked another church.

The Antifa are always the main rioters. The blacks will attack cops, but primarily just want to loot, frankly.

And of course, Antifa is being used to spread the riots to other cities.

The entire machine is now officially on again.

They are hyping these blacks up to maximum level.

Here’s the Trevor Noah piece she is apparently referencing. He is a half-Jew hyping up a whole storm of lunacy by just lying. Everyone is moving in place to do their thing, just like last year.

Expect the same thing as last year, just way, way worse.