Rapper Dismisses Police Violence, Addresses Black-on-Black Crime

Daily Stormer
June 25, 2015

Yall niggas need ta chill.
Yall niggas need ta chill.

As we continue to whine about racism being responsible for all the plights of Blacks, and how getting rid of the cops will fix all of this, Black continue to slaughter one another on a massive scale.

Town Hall:

Anti-police sentiment in big cities across the country comes at a cost and we’re seeing it now with skyrocketing crime statistics from St. Louis to New York City.

Baltimore – Murders have doubled with 43 homicides last month alone

Chicago – 900+ shootings this year

St. Louis – 55 murders this year

Dallas – Violent crime up 10 percent

Atlanta – Homicides up 32 percent

Milwaukee – Homicides up by 180 percent

New York City – Murders up 20 percent

Those numbers are from May, and it hasn’t gotten better in June.

The cause of Black problems is Black people, period. If they are capable of fixing their own problems, which is very debatable, they aren’t going to be able to do it while they are being told that their problems are someone else’s fault.

Recently, the rapper A$AP Rocky appeared at The Oxford Union, The Debate Society of Oxford University, to discuss some issues including Black crime.


Commenting on the protests, he said:

Why are we exploiting the beef between the urban community and the police force when 60 people got shot on a Friday and Saturday [on July holiday weekend in 2014] in Chicago in black-on-black crime? So one cop shoots a black person… that kind of shit is inevitable. Not to glorify it, but that’s nothing new. Let’s talk about the black-on-black crime. If you’re not gonna talk about the main topic, then don’t talk about it all.

Basically: “nigga quit yo whinin an get yo own shit together.”

I’d imagine this would be the normal position of the vast majority of Blacks if they weren’t constantly being incited by the Jewish media.

Those supporting the mainstream narrative of course whined about his comments.

Rocky also said he didn’t care about people saying the word “nigger”: “I don’t care who uses the n-word. The N-word is inevitable, it’s just – like the word ‘cool.’”

Seems like a pretty cool nigga.