RAPED: Biden Comes in FOURTH in Iowa, Bernie and Anal Pete Tie for First

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2020

It didn’t have to be this way. lol jk yes it did.

After an inexplicable 36-hour delay, the results of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucus finally came trickling in.

At time of writing, with 71% reporting in, Joe Biden is way down in fourth place with zero delegates, Elizabeth “Tomahawk Liz” Warren in third with 4 delegates, and Pete “Anal Pete” Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders tied for first with 10 delegates each.

Those numbers aren’t going to change much as the remaining 29% arrives. Though Pete and Bernie are tied with ten delegates each, Pete technically has a 1.6% lead over Bernie, which could change later today, but the numbers won’t.

I would rather see Bernie win outright, but it doesn’t really mean much in the scheme of things, as no one thinks that Pete is going to get the nomination. His poll numbers are at 7%, nationally.

But speaking of poll numbers: are these polls even real? I’m starting to think that they may not be. The polls all had Biden in the lead, up until the last few weeks, when there was a major shift toward Bernie. However, there was no trigger for the changing of the polls – it just all of a sudden shifted.

If I were a conspiracy minded person, I would wonder if the polls were not being manipulated for months on end, falsely promoting Biden as the leader in order to get people to psychologically want to side with the “strong horse.” And then we would wonder if a couple weeks before this first caucus, the pollsters started admitting Bernie was leading in order to save face and not look like complete hoaxsters.

I think that conspiracy theory is obviously true.

I do not believe that Biden was ever in the lead. I believe this was all fake hype. Biden is the Jeb Bush of 2020 – the candidate that the media claimed was destiny who the people simply had zero interest in.

There is presently zero reason to believe that Biden will do much better than his 15.4% in Iowa in any other state in the nation. He is going to keep losing and then be forced to drop out in complete shame. You almost feel bad for this senile old man who was tricked by the media into believing he had a chance to become president.

“I’ve got your autism cure right here, weeb!”

It’s now obvious that Bernie is going to win the nomination, short of some sort of freak event.

And that is good for everyone.

Obviously, Bernie has some seriously kooky ideas that would lead to millions of people starving to death. I don’t care, because I support millions of people starving to death and I think it’s funny. But even if you can’t find the humor in the masses of sedated American normies getting what they deserve under a brutal communist regime, you should be thankful that Bernie Sanders is going to inject real issues into the public discussion.

Will he beat Trump?

That seems extremely unlikely. But he might, I guess. It’s possible.

This is fine.

Either way, we’re finally in for a helluva ride like we haven’t seen since 2016. Because there is enough of a chance that Bernie can win that Trump is going to have to go all out in a way that he wouldn’t have had to do if the media had gotten its wish and Biden had gotten the nomination.

Furthermore, on the absolutely practical side of things, Bernie winning the nomination will completely wreck the Democrat Party. Despite all their bullshit, the Democrat Party as an institution is an exclusive client of the corporate money powers in this country. And Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the insurance companies, the medical industrial complex and all of the other big money institutions are going to lose total faith in this group.

The money men want open borders, legal marijuana, transsexualism and every other lunatic social agenda that the Democrats promote. What they do not want is communism, with a total tax on the wealthy, nationalization of large parts of the economy, a seizure of the mechanisms of the economy under a “Green New Deal” scheme, or any of the other economic policies that Bernie Sanders is promoting.

I can certainly think of worse outcomes than this.

Whether or not Bernie wins the election, if he wins the nomination he’s permanently changed the status quo of the Democrat Party, and these communistic positions are going to become the norm. They will not be able to continue to function as they have for decades when communism comes down on them.

This is all to say: everything is going according to plan.