Rape Invaders Flee America for Gay Islamic Republic of Canada

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2017

The Gay Islamic Republic of Canada is quickly becoming a major tourist destination for third world illegal aliens and rape invaders.

Rape invaders fearing mass hatreds are fleeing the United States and entering the Gay Islamic Republic of Canada. It is good to see that these invaders are starting to realize that they are not welcome in the United States. In fact, most Americans hate these invaders and want them forcibly removed ASAP.


Refugees in the United States fearing a worsening climate of xenophobia in the wake of a divisive U.S. presidential campaign are flocking to Canada in growing numbers.

Manitoba’s Welcome Place refugee agency helped 91 claimants between Nov. 1 and Jan. 25 – more than the agency normally sees in a year. Most braved the freezing prairie winter to walk into Canada.

“We haven’t had something before like this,” said Maggie Yeboah, president of the Ghanaian Union of Manitoba, which has helped refugees get medical attention and housing. “We don’t know what to do.”

A temporary restraining order by a U.S. judge of President Donald Trump’s executive order that blocked nationwide the implementation of key parts of the travel ban has provided a reprieve for refugees trying to come to the United States.

But Canadian advocacy organizations are bracing for a greater influx of asylum-seekers, driven in part by the contrast between the ruling Liberal government’s acceptance of Syrian refugees in Canada with Trump’s anti-foreigner rhetoric.

Pretty funny that these invaders are so afraid of President Trump’s tough talk on immigration that they are willing to risk severe frost bite and death to enter the Gay Islamic Republic of Canada. Justin Trudeau the current Prime Minister of the Gay Islamic Republic of Canada is on record stating that they do not have enough Moslems and homosexuals in his country. Trudeau’s ultimate goal is to make his nation a land populated only by non-Whites and faggots. He will be very happy at this news.

In all seriousness, White European nations need to follow President Trump’s lead on this issue. If the invaders feel unwelcome, many will leave on their own.

Overall though it is good to see that President Trump’s rhetoric is paying dividends. This self-deport phenomenon is a good thing. We just need to get these third world populations to self-deport back to their home country.